Friday, April 8, 2011

Democracy is not a Prize !!
This man was to Qaddafi ,
what St. Peter was to Jesus.

The Libyan rebels/insurgents/opposition/democracy-lovers
"are to be protected by USA and NATO" we are told.

This above group includes
1- regular army dissidents
2- regular army officers deserters
3- ex Libyan officials
4- even ex- Libyan Ministers , ex-Ambassadors and ex Qaddafi advisers
5- anyone who starting on today , (or yesterday) has decided that Qaddafi must go.

This leaves me with one fundamental question :
Are those anti-Qaddafi-masses and individuals
a trustful-group that will secure the future democracy in Libya ,
after Qaddafi ??

How can I play jazz on a Trumpet
when I do not even know the music-notes ??

Where did an ex-Qaddafi-official see or experience Democracy ??

Does the USA-NATO want to really bring Democracy in Libya
or simply to create a vacuum ??  and then simply leave , like in Iraq !
where is NATO in Bahrain or in Yemen ??
where is NATO in Gaza ?? in Ramallah or Jennin ???

Raja Chemayel
democracy is a process and not a prize nor a Cup

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