Friday, November 21, 2008

Must we call them Pirates ??

The Giant-wealth- transporter
its width is as long as a 747

a nice Lebanese-Arab proverb says :
if you ,once, have to steal , then steal a Camel
(the Camel being the biggest animal)
and if you want to fall in love, then fall for the Moon
(the moon being the ultimate beauty in Arab literature)

And today
I say if you have to steal , go ahead and steal
a 200 million Barrels Giant-Tankers. .....

Indeed ,
Pirates have just done this, off the African Coast
it is owned by Aramco , the biggest company worldwide
the monopole-holder of all Saudi Oil,
owned by the richest monarchs on this Planet , who also owns
the whole Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , itself......

This huge cargo was originating from this
non-constitutional- absolute- monarchy- source
to probably ,the only-super-power which happens
to be the richest entity on earth....... .the USA.

It is stolen , or at least kidnapped , now
hijacked by Mr. Unknown
whether Somali Pirates or any other pirates ,
is irrelevant to me.

So much wealth ,
while, moving between the wealthiest-Family
towards the wealthiest-country,
is stolen , which makes it a crime !!
or rather a re-distribution of wealth ??

Somebody has stolen it......
is it a crime or a heroic-act ??
by any standards... wish to apply ??

The Oil of Iraq is stolen 7 days per week, since 2003
and nobody calls them Pirates

78% of Palestine is stolen since 60 years
and nobody calls them Pirates..... .

and the list is long........ .......

Raja Chemayel
former Devil-advocate and today's Pirate's advocat

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Raja's dictionary....up-date.

The state of Israel :
a crime, without a punishment.

Palestine :
a country erased from the Map
to compensate for a European-crime.

people who are either
forcibly-displaced , or brutally occupied
by those who never have ever met them before.

"Terrorism " :
a last-resort- punishment
to those unpunished-criminal s.

Zionism :
a racist-colonial- criminal- ideology
claiming to apply a democratic-theocrac y.

Judaism :
an immature-version of Christianity .
a stone-age-version of Islam .

(in the Middle-East):
a general-pardon for Colonialism ,
a legalisation of Apartheid
a reward for Zionism
an amnesia against the Palestinian- Rights.

Raja Chemayel

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Virgin and the Castrated

For those who have no PhD. in Political Sciences
I have a question:

What would you call Mr. Saeb Erakat
"the appointed official Peace-negotiator between
the Zionist State and the Palestinian Authority ??"

and what description would you give him
if you never attended ,
La Facultee des Sciences Politique, á la Sorbonne
Universitee de Paris 5
Or Harvard University , or Yale
or Whatever.

If you ask my cousin Raja Chemayel ,
who visited La Sorbonne
only because of the cheap-food in the Student-restaurant
Raja would say :
Erekat is a desperate-pimp , trying to connect
a Prostitute who wants to remain a virgin
with a customer who is castrated.

Of course Erekat is not alone ,
there is also Mr. Tony Blair who ,
by the way, is not "virgin" !!
Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
Sarcasmologe and Satyrologe