Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Virgin and the Castrated

For those who have no PhD. in Political Sciences
I have a question:

What would you call Mr. Saeb Erakat
"the appointed official Peace-negotiator between
the Zionist State and the Palestinian Authority ??"

and what description would you give him
if you never attended ,
La Facultee des Sciences Politique, á la Sorbonne
Universitee de Paris 5
Or Harvard University , or Yale
or Whatever.

If you ask my cousin Raja Chemayel ,
who visited La Sorbonne
only because of the cheap-food in the Student-restaurant
Raja would say :
Erekat is a desperate-pimp , trying to connect
a Prostitute who wants to remain a virgin
with a customer who is castrated.

Of course Erekat is not alone ,
there is also Mr. Tony Blair who ,
by the way, is not "virgin" !!
Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
Sarcasmologe and Satyrologe


ATW said...

Now that's a heck of a definition! And so accurate! :-)


raja said...

and what is ATW

All the Wisdom ??

anyhow , thank you !!