Friday, April 22, 2011

On a day like this in the year 0033
a Palestinian-mother ,
wearing a veil....

On the today  in the year 0033.

The Land was called
"a south-Syrian-province"
or ......." Southern-Syria "

There was no land called " Israel " , at all
and the population was called
" the Canaanites ",  and had three kinds:
the first part believed in monotheism
and were called " Jews "
the second part followed Jesus of Nazareth
and were called " agitators " ( and later Christians)
and the third part worshipped statues
and were called  the " non-believers "

There was a Court case against an agitator-reformer
called Jesus of Nazareth
the plaintiffs were called the Jews
while the Judge , jailers and hangman were the Romans,
of the Imperialist Rome.

and you know the rest of the story .....!!

I just wanted to define the actors
within that drama-tragedy.

Happy Easter !!
on the day when we remember
the most famous Crucified-Palestinian !!

nowadays....... the Palestinian die in Tunnels,
or behind high-walls ......
otherwise,  not much has changed !!

Raja Chemayel

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Odyssey of the Libayn-civilian
Foreign workers
and the , back home !!

"The NATO shall protect the civilians of Libya"
so we are told.......
Which civilians ,are protected ?? may I ask,
also the civilians supporting Qaddafi  ??............ I think not !!

So,  it must be exclusively to protect the anti-Qaddafi-civilians.

But once an-anti-Qaddafi-civilian starts to carry weapons.......
is he still considered as " civilian"  ???............I think not !! 
but he would still be protected by NATO because :
"The NATO shall protect the civilians of Libya"
so they said.

But ,
if and when some Libyan-civilians take a fisher-boat
and risk to sail to the south of Italy
and then ask for asylum......would they get it ???
I think not !!.........they would be deported,
or dropped over the borders into France
and then France smuggles them into Germany
to work as illegal-cheap-labour until their employers
shall send them back to Libya .........
as civilians without any civil-rights !!
(otherwise known as: illegal-alients)

Once back in Libya ,
Qaddafi shall give them a house,
a job and free-education for their children.
When those children will grow up,
they shall ask again for the removal
of the dictatorship of Qaddafi ,
because Qaddafi is not as democratic........... as Berlusconi !!
or  as Sarkozy !!
.................I think not !!

Sherlock Hommos

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Each century....has its own misery.,_foto_ANP_nr._7294694.jpg
Mr. Gert Wilders,
designed by  Israel,
made in Holland !!

The twentieth century has had,
" Anti-Semitism "
The twenty-first-century has,
" Islamophobia "

The Jews came much stronger out from the 2OTh.
how would the Muslims come out from the 21St.??

Raja Chemayel

Monday, April 18, 2011

Three different names for the same Libyans.
The machine-gun has three legs ,
while the man on the right has only one !!

In Libya,
we have now reached a more clear picture:

Half of Libya wants a change
and the other half does not obviously.
The NATO bombs the second half
and sometimes also the first-half , but by mistake.

When NATO kills Libyans it is called Collateral-damages
When Qaddafi kills his own citizens it is called Human-rights-violation
When the Insurgents kill the Qaddafi-loyal´s it is called Civil-War.

I wonder if it matters, really ,for the poor victims ,
what name will be used ??

Raja Chemayel