Saturday, December 22, 2007

Next time......try Norway

If you think that ,we the Arabs are fanatic-people,
backward-people and all religious-fundament alists,
why would you then not just avoid us ??......... next time.

You came to our Iraq and invaded it , recently
and you came 60 years ago and settled-down
in our Palestine !!
You called our Algeria..... " Alegerie-Francaise"
and you made our Libya become part of your "Italy"

Next time you want to rob another country , try Norway !!!
if is full of blue-eyed-gentile- people,
and guess what has a lot of Oil !!! too. ( as bonus)

Besides that you can claim , more credibly,
when you say that you are a descendant of a Viking ,
and you came back to Norway , now, to claim your roots !!

Try Norway !! next time......,
you might miss our warm sunshine ,and our Hommos
but the girls in Norway are much more emancipated
and less complicated too....

Sherlock Hommos

Friday, December 21, 2007

How to get ride of the State of Israel and the same time to save the USA.

The Separation of Church and State.......
Is a nice idea which started with the French Revolution
and was adopted by the newly-born United States of America.

But the striking coincidence is that all US Presidents ,
except but one Catholic, were all Protestant (Evangelical)
and white....... ..up to very white....

Now if ever Obama gets the presidency he would still be
also Protestant ( I assume) but not that "white".(as I can see)
Besides that the name "Barak"..... . sounds like (Husny) Mubarak
or like (Ehud) Barrack..... ...
what was the religion of the father of Obama's ?
was he an Egyptian-Jew ??
or was he a Muslim-Israeli ???

My favourite candidate would be that Mr. Romney
who is a Mormon....not that I prefer the Mormons above the others

No !!
but I do like the Mormons because they claim that " Israel"
is the United States of America,itself....
which solves all our problemsin the Middle East........
by proving that any place could be , or could become,
the so called Promised Land.
Also the Mormons pretend to be , themselves , the chosen-people,
which proves to us that any people can claim to be the chosen-people.
But this we knew already..... .and the composition of the population of Israel
is the living proof....... ..that anybody has this right ( to cheat on us) .

Anyhow if Mr. Romney wins ,
it will be one way to get rid also of the Neo-Conservatives
it will also be one way to recall all the Israelis to move to Nevada
And they may all retire in Florida, later on .

The Happy End !!!

If Mr. Romney would like to reward me for this idea
I shall gladly forward to him my Swiss-bank-account- Number :
544-MKF-8889- 45 ( only in Swiss Francs, please, no Dollars!)
Thank you !!

But the Muslim and Arab and Leftist-Progressive -liberal- Forces
in the USAought to form a coalition and back up Mr. Romney ,
only for that purpose I just mentioned here.

If you think this is one of my jokes , you are right.....
but the USA has produced worse jokes in its past history !!

Besides that nobody can be worse than George W. Bush !!!

And Mr. Romney being legally a polygamist ,
he shall not be needing any Monica Lewinsky as Secretary ,
he shall be too busy at home .

Vote for Romney
to get rid of
the State of Israel !!

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
unofficial free-lance-Campaign -Manager

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

the 19Th. of December in 2007

Ben Heine

Lebanon still has no President
while the USA has one too many !!

Lebanon has UN-observers-forces
to protect Israel's security
although ,Israel has no UN-observers
to protect the occupied Palestinians .

The only liberated-part of Palestine , Gaza
has no electricity , no water , no airport
only the fresh-air and the freedom,,,to starve !!

Mahmoud Abbas has no freedom at all ,
but he just got 6 Billion dollars from "the gang-of-Paris"

We cannot say that Abbas has just "sold Palestine ",
because he is simply a refugee in his own country
without an ID card.

We cannot say Omert bought the West Bank
because the West Bank is occupied anyhow
and managed by Olmert,

So what for , those 6 Billion Dollars ??

Maybe , Saeb Erakat needs a new Mercedes
and Dahlan wants to build another Hotel in Dubai......

Money talks.....and Justice can wait !!!

Sherlock Hommos

Monday, December 17, 2007

Announcement for a Gaza

Special Christmas


c o n c e r t

The Program


Sonata for Viol and Piano

by Genghis Khan


The Nut-Cracker's-Ballet

By Ludwig van Beethoven


Opera Aida

by Gustav Mahler


The 9Th. Symphony

by Frederic Chopin


P e a c e

by the State of Israel


Wo r l d -J u s t i c e

by The United Sates of America

The Royal Hashemite

Philharmonic Orchestra of Gaza-City

Conductor , George Bush Jr.

Soloist , Ehud Olmert, soprano.

Choreography , Shimon Perez.

Prima-Ballerina , Mademoiselle Condi Rice.

Choir of The Guantanamo Guards and Torturers Ensemble.


Wardrobe-attendant , Mahmoud Abbas

The profits of this concert will go to :

*The Association of Veteran-Butchers

of Sabra and Chatila. AVBSC.

*The Retired Brotherhood of Bulldozer-Drivers

over Jennin. RBBDJ

* Husny Mubarak's Funds for the Preservation

of Eternal-Presidencies . HMFPEP

Sponsored by : The World Bank

in Memory of Paul Wolfowitz

Next Saturday , 22.12.2007 ,

right after the Sabbath observance.

Parking assured for all

(Bomb-trapped-Cars , please use the South-entrance)

Tickets Sale

at the


or via the Internet

Sunday, December 16, 2007

A good neighbour is better than any far away friend

Half of the Lebanese do not agree with their other half.

Half of them call the others: " Syrian-agents "
and the second half calls the first :" American-dogs"

One sides calls the other: "French-Puppies"
while the other half uses the accusation of :" Iranian-Puppets"

Remains the unanswered-question :
who or what is worse ??
an Iranian in Baalbeck ??
a French-man in Jounieh ??

When did Condi Rice ever do anything useful to the Lebanon ??
While her Syrian counterpart Mr. Muallem belongs to a Family
which half of it are Lebanese.(and Christians)

Who is the foreign intruder here ??
Who wants to protect and defend the Lebanon ?
Who stood by the Lebanon when Israel was
bombing Beirut in Summer 2006 ??
Bernard Koushner ?? or Condolisa Rice ???

And who armed the Lebanese-resistance-forces ??
George Sarkozy or Nicolas Bush , perhaps ??

Which Lebanese half is not blind nor opportunist ?
Which other Lebanese half would like to import
a ready-made-democrac y ?
instead of cooking it at home with homegrown ingredients. ....??

Who is trying to divert the attentions from
a born-dead-baby called: " Annapolis " ?
Who is removing away the spotlights from
that alleged Atomic Bomb
which never existed in Iran ??
Who bombed Syria to destroy South-Korean- Fairy-tales ??
Who brought devastation and diaspora to the Christians of Iraq ??
and has completely forgotten that even the Christians of Lebanon
are also divided..... ......50/ 50 ??

A good-neighbour is better than
any far-away-(false)friend !!
(especially when this friend is the USA)

Raja Chemayel
50% Lebanese and 50% normal.
16Th of December 2007

How kosher is Khoushner ??
How nice is Rice ??