Wednesday, December 19, 2007

the 19Th. of December in 2007

Ben Heine

Lebanon still has no President
while the USA has one too many !!

Lebanon has UN-observers-forces
to protect Israel's security
although ,Israel has no UN-observers
to protect the occupied Palestinians .

The only liberated-part of Palestine , Gaza
has no electricity , no water , no airport
only the fresh-air and the freedom,,,to starve !!

Mahmoud Abbas has no freedom at all ,
but he just got 6 Billion dollars from "the gang-of-Paris"

We cannot say that Abbas has just "sold Palestine ",
because he is simply a refugee in his own country
without an ID card.

We cannot say Omert bought the West Bank
because the West Bank is occupied anyhow
and managed by Olmert,

So what for , those 6 Billion Dollars ??

Maybe , Saeb Erakat needs a new Mercedes
and Dahlan wants to build another Hotel in Dubai......

Money talks.....and Justice can wait !!!

Sherlock Hommos

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