Friday, October 31, 2008

Jerusalem and Las Vegas

Jerusalem ,
under their feet !!!

It seems that an Israeli person is now candidate
to be the next Mayor of the occupied-Jerusalem

nothing new , here....
it has been done since 60 years !!

But this person is accused of being an :
"illegal weapons' dealer"
he refuses this accusation and he claims to be , only :
a "legal weapon's dealer"

There you have it ,
a weapon-dealer shall be the next Lord Mayor
of the City of Peace , Jerusalem.

And I wounder if a weapon-dealer, shall become
the Mayor of Jerusalem ,
who might become the Lord Mayor of Las Vegas ????
the city of Sin .

My concern is actually hysterically-exaggerated
and out of context , because we all should remember
that even Ehud Olmert was once the Lord Mayor
of that same "city of Peace"......

so why to care , anymore ??
Jerusalem is no more Jerusalem , since 1948 .

Raja Chemayel
looking for Jerusalem

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mascots,Fetishism and the Cristian-Zionists

a mascot

Fetishism :
is to hold and cherish an object which will be a physical-remembranc e
to an emotional-spiritual-romantic-ideological- abstract- entity or a person.

Mascot :
would also be a physical- object (or animal) symbolic for reminding you
of an abstract-entity (like for a sport-club , an orchestra,
a regiment or a city )

The Christian-Zionist needed a Mascot or a Fetish-object
so they have chosen the State of Israel, itself.
Not realising that this Mascot (Israel) is the most anti-christian
if not ,at least , being itself non-christian. ....
Any religion , is a mystical-experience and a spiritual-practise
and all the problems start when any religion becomes "physical" ,
like, with icons and incenses , with statues ,candels and shrines
or even with a whole country (like the state of Israel).

We , the Christian ought to stick to our Cross , only
and nothing else, because anything else would be un-christian.
Let us take the good-example from our brothers the Muslims
they use only the written-word " God " ( Allah )
and no other symbols , whatsoever! .

The state of Israel is ,by itself , a fetishist-invention
whether to fool the Jews , all by themselves,
or to fool those naive-Christian- Zionists.

Why would anybody need an "Israel"
to reach his Heaven ???
or to please God , the almighty ???

Do not kill , do not lie , and nor steal ,
would be more than enough for God's full satisfaction.

Raja Chemayel
a son of preacher-man,
preaching you for free !!