Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Super Terrorist

The Spy who came from the secret-slaughterhouse............

Israel gets, today, a new Prime Minister
she did not massacre Palestinian- children in Sabra and Chatilla
like her row-model did......
she did not accept bribery's like her predecessor did
she never did get a Nobel Peace Prize for initiating five wars
like Rabin and Perez...

No sir !! she is completely different !!
she is Lithuanian just like Isaak Rabin was , but
her father was a certified-Irgun- terrorist,
son of another renowned-Hagganah terrorist
which makes her a third-generation-terrorist.. ...

and why do I dare call her " terrorist " ???

Elementary my Dear Watson !!!
she is, herself ,an ex-Mossade-agent- lieutenant
which makes her a supper terrorist.

Sherlock Hommos
Terrorist's biographer ,

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The indifferent difference

How can we call it "democracy"
when democracy is to be all about a "choice"
or better said : " a free choice "

Both candidates are pro-Israel
and both vice-presidents-to-be ,
are also the same.

All candidates are pro-capital, pro-wars
and nobody claims to be the "opposition ".

All candidates need an awful lot of money without which
they could not win the elections, let alone even to compete in it .

So it is all about the money + capitalism + Zionism.

So why not renaming the USA as being
the new-State of Israel .
or being ,
The Promised Land for the purchased-Democracy
and for the artificialy-Chosen-People.

Rename the Capitol-Hill as the Temple of Salomon
Rename the White-house as Herod's Palace
and re-crucify Jesus on Mount Rushmore
whereby the resurection must be paid for , in advance.

If you were a Jew in Uzbekistan would you emigrate
to the State of Israel ?..........or rather to the USA ??

If you are a presidential candidate in the USA
would you support Chili?...........or rather Israel ??

Raja Chemayel
a democrat not for sale....

the illogical

"Christian Zionists"
are as illogical as :

a Vegetarian-butcher
an abstaining Prostitutes
a non-smoking- tobacco-salesman
fishes supporting the fishermen
a policeman member of a Mafia

You cannot be Christian and Zionist
you must choose
to be one of them , but not both ,
it would be a contradiction- in-terms .

Jesus-Christ was the first anti-Zionist !!
(Jesus differentiated and separated
Cesar from God )

Raja Chemayel
the frustrated-optimist

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hunger is also a weapon

The Liberator of Zimbabwe
and the Trojan-Mole of the West.

There is a proverb that says :
"if you cannot beat them join them"

When I was still an active businessman,
I created another private variation to that proverb:
"If you cannot beat them , then buy them "

Now I sit back and watch the world
and I see a third variation apply by the West
to that proverb :
"If you cannot beat them , then starve them "

The West tried it 10 years long against Iraq (1991-2003)
The West is trying this against Hamas and especially in Gaza
The West tried it successfully with Poland in order to bring
down Communism and to bring up Lech Valensa
The West does it since 45 years unsuccessfully against Cuba
The West applied it against Robert Mugabe , the Liberator of Zimbabwe
and today the opposition leader won the Prime Minister seat ,
in the name of the numerical-Democracy .

Hunger is a weapon,
it also kills
it also ,mainly, kills the civilians
in Iraq, in Gaza and in Zimbabwe.

Would you not rather die free but hungry ?
than to get laid by the West
with a full stomach ??

Raja Chemayel
hungry for any just- cause.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The City of Tehran has no "Green-Zone"

Notice,please, the liar on the left
behind the other liar.

Once upon a time ,
somebody has told to George Bush
that President Saddam Hussein would have,
"Weapons of Mass Destruction' s ".

Of course ,
George believed his sources
and went to war in Iraq.

Today the same George is telling us
that Iran has something similar
to what Iraq , has (never) had......

My question is whether George Bush has used
the same source of information
that has sent him erroneously to Iraq ??

And would also Tony Blair confirm this essential
and strategical piece of information ???
by precising if it could be activated (also) in 45 minutes .

Because ,
to my memory , the City of Tehran
does not have any Green-Zone , to hide in it.

Sherlock Hommos