Sunday, September 14, 2008

The City of Tehran has no "Green-Zone"

Notice,please, the liar on the left
behind the other liar.

Once upon a time ,
somebody has told to George Bush
that President Saddam Hussein would have,
"Weapons of Mass Destruction' s ".

Of course ,
George believed his sources
and went to war in Iraq.

Today the same George is telling us
that Iran has something similar
to what Iraq , has (never) had......

My question is whether George Bush has used
the same source of information
that has sent him erroneously to Iraq ??

And would also Tony Blair confirm this essential
and strategical piece of information ???
by precising if it could be activated (also) in 45 minutes .

Because ,
to my memory , the City of Tehran
does not have any Green-Zone , to hide in it.

Sherlock Hommos

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