Wednesday, September 17, 2008

the illogical

"Christian Zionists"
are as illogical as :

a Vegetarian-butcher
an abstaining Prostitutes
a non-smoking- tobacco-salesman
fishes supporting the fishermen
a policeman member of a Mafia

You cannot be Christian and Zionist
you must choose
to be one of them , but not both ,
it would be a contradiction- in-terms .

Jesus-Christ was the first anti-Zionist !!
(Jesus differentiated and separated
Cesar from God )

Raja Chemayel
the frustrated-optimist

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
I read your poems, posts, and forwarded articles from time to time and am one of your fans.

I am a member of a list I hope you join called AmericanConscience@Yahoo.groups.

Sometimes we discuss current developments in the Palestinian struggle for self-determination and National Independence.

There are many well-informed contributors in our group with a diversity of opinion and background.

Please join our group by contacting us and signing in.

I appreciaate you and your struggle for freedom is important to me.


Joseph C. Stockett