Saturday, February 7, 2009

An extremely short description
Ben Heine

The State of Israel is a parasite-state
build completely on stolen-Palestinian- soil,
thanks to all the colonial-powers
and is now living totally
on USA's subventions.

Sherlock Hommos
Saturday 7 Feb.2009

Friday, February 6, 2009

What is wrong with any Revisionist ??

Dr. Toben spoke about a place , he visited.
Have you been there ?? at least .

If the Revisionists are forbidden to talk,
how could we contradict them ??
If the Revisionists are forbidden to talk,
how could we unveil them ??
If the Revisionists are forbidden to talk,
how could we know that they are wrong ??

Geert Wilders and Hugh Hefner
Walt Disney and George Bush
may express their own view...
why not the Revisionist ??

I know about someone who accused another
for having Weapons of Mass Destruction
if a Revisionist interfered then ,
we would have known the Truth,
at least, and avoided a war ...

Revisionist are those you think twice !!

Raja Chemayel
not a revisionist , yet !
06 Feb. 2009

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Joshua and the Walls of Jericho....

Yesterday on National Geographic Channel
was an interesting historical-biblical -documentary.

It seems that when Joshua was playing loudly
his trumpets outside the city Jericho..... ..
Jericho was not build , yet.

And 280 years later ,
when Jericho was finally built ,
it has never had any walls !!!

So what do we learn here ??

1- Joshua and Jericho never met .

2- there were no Walls outside Jericho-city

3- the Old-Testament, the " Torah"
is a very inaccurate-propaganda-book
which Jesus never mentioned
nor ever approved of !!

Thank you ! National Geographic Channel !!

Raja Chemayel
Sherlock Hommos
Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Gazza and its neighbors
why do Gazzeans run away ??
is somebody doing an ethnic-cleansing , perhaps ??

How come the people of Gazza
always like to bomb the Israeli towns on its borders ??

There are 2 possibilities :

Either it is so that Gazza-people are criminals .

Or, simply because the People of Gazza
are engaged in a war of national-liberation
whereas the Israelis are their invaders-occupiers ??

How come the Israels keep on bombing Gazza
if not strangling it , or starving it ??

There are here also 2 possibilities :

Either the Israelis are criminals.

or simply the Israelis are colonialist
engaged in an ethnic-cleansing
whereas they are stealing more land.

Any other suggestions ?
other accusations ? other analyses may-be ?,
and or other descriptions ??? ....... are welcome !!

Until then ,
I say that Gazza has all the rights to fight
as well as, any other Palestinian provinces... ..
or any other occupied people in the world.

Raja Chemayel

PS :

Two years ago, I sarcastically wrote that Israel was withdrawing from Gazza , only for to be able to nuke it.
I was (partly) wrong ,
because Israel did not nuke Gazza , after all ,
it has only dropped Phosphoric (+ Cluster) bombs !!!
Phosphore burns....
just like a Nuclear-bomb !


Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Harvesting jaffa oranges
The Oranges of Yaffa
before any Israelis came
Sorting jaffa oranges 1920s

Where did all those oranges come from ?

It was august 1968 and I have just landed in Frankfort
getting ready to enter my studies that would make something
out of a 20 years old Beirutee.

The first time in Europe , the first time in the West
the first out into the first-world.........

My first cultural-choc was that the public-toilet-rooms
in Frankfort have had a slot-machine which opens the doors
only if you would drop a 10 pfennig coin .

And I wondered then , how does a German do it,
if he has no 10 pfennig coin ???

So I learned my first lesson , quickly
and without contesting the German way of life.

I joined the Student's life and started promptly
getting acquainted with the German "grundlischkeit"
and most of all I started using my wrist-watch
more than 10 times per day ........
and not as a jewel anymore.

Of course my next cultural choc came when ,
in the Supermarket I saw that each orange
was stamped my the letters " J A F F A "

I asked my German friends what "JAFFA" is
and they explained that :
"The Israelis have turned the Palestinian-desert into a green-land
and that they were planting Oranges in that same desert"
I asked them : Why call it Jaffa , because Jaffa is " Yaffa"
which is a city in Palestine which has had Oranges even
before Jesus was born...... and not after the coming of
the Israelis !!!

Everybody told me that I were wrong and that those Oranges
come from the desert of Negev and that Jaffa is not Yaffa.
I were to be mistaking and that Israelis did wonders in the desert
and that I am only a jealous Arab....

At the age of 20 , forty years ago
the Yaffa oranges were Palestinian
in my mind and they still are , today .

Israelis never planted any oranges in the desert
and I hope that my German-friend do know it , today.

What the Israelis planted in the desert were 5 prisons
to fill them with Arabs and one Nuclear-Atomic-Factory.

Europe later got filled with Jaffa-oranges , until in the 1970's
Morocco started competing with Israel and Morocco won
completely......but none of my European-friends has told me
that the Moroccan grew their oranges in any desert....
Because only Israelis do miracles
and Moroccan do plantation only !!

40 years later ,
you still have to pay in a German-toilet
and Israel still makes miracles......while Moroccans don't .


Monday, February 2, 2009

"To throw them in the Sea" they did unto us, already

The civil-Palestinian- population of Jaffa

being "evacuated " by sea in May 1948.

towards Gaza or South-Lebanon.

How many times and time

we are accused of:

"wanting to throw them in the sea "

(as if they did not deserve it , yet !!)

in 1948 and 1967

Palestinians were


thrown in the Jordanian-Desert


thrown in the Mediterranean- sea


simply occupied at home in Palestine .

If not,

slaughtered and burried,

on the spot !!

So what Palestinians are falsely accused of,

today, is exactly ,

what Israel has done to us ,

already..... and repeatedly .

The "destruction of Israel"

(or wiping it off the map)

is something Israel did onto Palestine

60 years ago !!

So now, those terms such as :

Holocaust, Exodus, Diasporah,

Genocide and Shoa

they became Palestinian- words

while the Land of Palestine

became " Israel ".

"لنقذف بهم، أو نغرقهم في البحر..." بالتمام كما فعلوا بنا...

وفق الشريعة العبرية التي تقول:

سن بسن وعين بعين والبادىء أظلم!؟

أبناء يافا المدنيين...

هاهم يقذف بهم في البحر أيار/مايو 1948...

نحو غزة حيث يذبحون الآن بعد 61 عاماً...

أو إلى جنوب لبنان حيث ذبخوا قبلاً...

كم من مرة لا بل ما لا يحصى من المرات...

أتهمنا نحن ب...

"أننا نحن من يريد قذفهم هم واغراقهم في البحر؟؟؟"

كما لو أنهم لا يستأهلون أن يقذف بهم في البحر...

لا بل اغراقهم في أعماقه!!!

يا الله يا عظيم...

ومن يستمع لصلافة كلام الثعلب العجوز بيريس متوجها بكلامه لأردوغان...

لكان أحرق كل الصهاينة قبل اغراقهم في البحر الميت...

لسبب واحد لآن الصودا الكاوية في مياهه تميت فايروساتهم...

فلا يمكن تتلوث مياهه كما يمكن ذلك في مياه الأبيض المتوسط...

في عامي 1948 و 1967:

قذف بالقلسطينيين العرب إما:

في الصحراء الأردنية أو غيرها من الصحاري...

أو في البحر الأبيض المتوسط...


أو أحتل القليلون ممن بقي منهم في بيوتهم...

هذا فيما لو لم يذبحوا ويدفنوا...

على الحارك!!!

لذا ما هو الشيء الغلط الذي نتهم به؟؟؟؟

في أيامنا هذه بالذات... بالتمام والكمال؟؟؟

أولا ومثنى وثلااثاً ولمئات المرات وتكراراً...

"تدمير إسرائيل"!!!

(ازالتها من الوجود؟؟؟)

هذا ما صنعه الصهاينة قبل وبعدما سميت فلسطين المحتلة "إسرائيل"...

قبل وبعد 60 سنة

رجا الشميل

ترجمة الناصري ختى الأبد:

أديب قعوار

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Not all Israelis......
Not all Israelis......look this way.
others simply drive a Tank
or a Bulldozer....

Not all Israelis
are muderers and occupiers
the majority are simply occupiers

Raja Che mayel