Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Gazza and its neighbors
why do Gazzeans run away ??
is somebody doing an ethnic-cleansing , perhaps ??

How come the people of Gazza
always like to bomb the Israeli towns on its borders ??

There are 2 possibilities :

Either it is so that Gazza-people are criminals .

Or, simply because the People of Gazza
are engaged in a war of national-liberation
whereas the Israelis are their invaders-occupiers ??

How come the Israels keep on bombing Gazza
if not strangling it , or starving it ??

There are here also 2 possibilities :

Either the Israelis are criminals.

or simply the Israelis are colonialist
engaged in an ethnic-cleansing
whereas they are stealing more land.

Any other suggestions ?
other accusations ? other analyses may-be ?,
and or other descriptions ??? ....... are welcome !!

Until then ,
I say that Gazza has all the rights to fight
as well as, any other Palestinian provinces... ..
or any other occupied people in the world.

Raja Chemayel

PS :

Two years ago, I sarcastically wrote that Israel was withdrawing from Gazza , only for to be able to nuke it.
I was (partly) wrong ,
because Israel did not nuke Gazza , after all ,
it has only dropped Phosphoric (+ Cluster) bombs !!!
Phosphore burns....
just like a Nuclear-bomb !


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