Thursday, November 29, 2007

Annapolis ought to go to an International Court of Justice

Why to have an "Annapolis Conference"
where the (only) Judge would be the USA ??

I propose instead , the
International Court of Justice
and the Jury ought to be , then
20 (honest)Historians
15 Judges
10 different-Theologia ns

At least this way would be fully-legal ,100% moral and logic
which makes it humane and just.

The Conference in Annapolis will produce
one looser and one winner...... .....
While an International Court of Justice
will produce one innocent and one guilty,

Raja Chemayel

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The List of Guests
the Annapolis Conference

Donald Duck
Ehud Olmert (Zionisia)
Harry Potter
Mahmoud Abbas ( West-Bankistan)
Little Red-Riding-Hood
Husny Mubarak ( Pharaonistan)
King Abdullah the second ( Hashemitostan)
Sleeping Beauty
King Abdullah Bin Saud bin AbdulAziz (Wahhabostan)
Jalal Talabani (Halli-Burtonstan)
Alice ( from the wonderland)
Hamid Karzay ( Opimiumstan)
The Lone Ranger and Tonto
Bernard Kouchner (if not still held as hostage in Beirut)
Mikey Mouse
The Arab League's Foreign Minister ( But-kisserstan)

and not to forget:
Macedonia and Lithuania and Kosovo
as being the key-participants !

also shall be attending :The Press,
and the so-called- Free-Presswith
the Free Media and the not so free Media

reserved-Parking- assured
and the food is Kosher

NB :You will notice that this Conference is called :
" the Annapolis Conference "
therefore the word " Peace" was not used
for the sake of Honesty, and Credibility.

Thus , it is not :

Annapolis Peace Conference
Annapolis Reconciliation Conference
Annapolis Justice Conference
Annapolis Disengagement Conference
nor even
Annapolis Photo-opportunity Conference