Saturday, October 16, 2010

Where do you learn Terrorism ??
Teacher and student....
terrorism in uniform against a terrorist by necessity.

Most of the rightist-populist-politicians
would like to close all the Mosques in Europe.

They accuse the Mosques of "preaching-terrorism".

On the other side ,
I wonder in which places idiocy and fascism are actually taught
so I would go and close them.......all by myself....if this helps humanity.

Why does anyone need a Mosque to convert into a Terrorist ??

It is sufficient just to watch what the Zionist do to others
and what the Pentagon does to all .... !!
As a first step to start considering Terrorism as a tool.

Do you need any Mosque to know :
that Iraq never had any Weapons of Mass Destruction
that Afghanistan did not bomb the Twin-Towers
that Israel is occupying 100% of Palestine
that Iran might, some day, have a civil-nuclear-power
that the USA is supporting all dictators on this planet
that some countries have bottles of Coca Cola
before having enough drinking water  ??

I became "a Terrorist " ,
on the day when I started counting our dead victims !!

Raja Chemayel
"terrorist", but not by choice

Friday, October 15, 2010

One Bank Manager sharing my elevator
some other Lebanese have once thought
that Jacques Shirac would be their real friend !!

I was visiting my bank,so I took the elevator,
and sharing  with me was the bank-manager
who told me :
Mr. Chemayel, do you not consider
the visit of AhamadiNejad to South Lebanon
as a provocation to Israel ??

I smiled to him and said :
No fucking-Head-of-State did ever visit
the South of Lebanon , while at least 15
western-head-of -States visited North of Israel
and stood on stolen land , at our borders ,
calling us as Terrorists ......

The Bank manager stopped smiling
and he could not wait until the elevator stopped
at his floor............
he went out without a " good-bye Mr. Chemayel"

I ,on the other side, did not loose my smile.

Raja Chemayel

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Three Presidents
Chili ??
Cairo ??
Gaza ??

The president of Chili
is concerned about his people
and he sees that they are brought out safely.

The president of Egypt
is also concerned about his people
and he sees that they are locked up safely.

The president of Israel
is also concerned about his people (only)
and he sees that all Palestinians
will be thrown out and or locked up safely.

Sherlock Hommos
one day after Chili
and 62 years after Palestine

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Congratulations to Chili !! 
Gaza needs also much more tunnelling !!

As I am writing this following nonsense
I am simultaneously watching the TV (BBC)
showing us  LIVE the rescue of the 30 miners in Chili

I also wonder how would it be done, if the same
has happened  in the Lebanon ??
Those 30 victims would have 2 religions
and 17 different sects !!
and they would be members of 25 different political-parties
and or 63 coalitions.......

Who comes out first ??
Who comes out last ??
Who will be forgotten down there ??

Chili has had no such problem.....!!

Congratulation to Chili !!

Raja Chemayel
Sherlock Hommos
Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hommos in Prague
This is were my mother-in-law lived !!

My wife and I went to visit her family in Prague, this week.

Travelling with your own wife , you must also plan time for shopping
otherwise your wife might ask ,soon ,for a divorce.......!!

So we went shopping at a huge shopping-Mal.

The fourth floor of that shopping-Mal has had 16 restaurants
and 4 coffee-shops.

One of the restaurants was a Lebanese one
and I could not resist,
the smell of falafel , hommos or shaworma.....

I went there alone , while my wife contributed
to the world consumer-economy-cyclus
and I ordered a good and gorgeous meal.

I noticed that among all the 19 other places , on that same floor,
this Arab-restaurant was the only one with a
pointed at it......
so as to watch all people coming in and out of it.

Which led me to conclude that the security-experts have figured out
that any " potential-terrorist " would first come to eat a Hommos
before hijacking a tramway ,or an elevator ,or anything else.

But the joke was, 
that 2 tables in that same restaurant were  filled
with Israeli-tourists agitated and speaking usual.

I have no other explanation as to why Mc.Donald nor KFC
nor any 16 others restaurants
did not have such an observation- camera ????

And incidentally ,
the Greek-restaurant on that same floor ,
has also had Shaworma and Hommos !!!
But no Cameras !! and no Israeli-tourists , neither.

So why to discriminate between our Hommos
and the Greek-Hommos ??.........

next time you are in Prague ,
wear your sunglasses and put on a false moustache
if you want to eat ,  incognito, a real-hommos !!

Sherlock Hommos

reporting from the hart-of-Europe

Monday, October 11, 2010

The "Chosen" Russians
The "chosen" Russians-Israelis

Israeli government is demanding a new oath from its  Arab-citizens
whom they have abducted and included in 1948´s Israel......

Since 62 years those Arab-citizens are paying taxes to their jailers
and obeying Zionist-laws implemented on their homes....

At the same time ,
it is no secret , that about 600.000
out of the one million Russian-Jews who emigrated since 1990,
are not even (real) Jews.......but they faked their Jewishness
only so that they may get out of Russia !!

Those Russian-non-Jews-Israelis even go Sunday to a Church
and wear a cross on their necks.....and celbrated Christmas.

What about them ???
they are not Semites !!
they are not Jews !!
they are not born on the land !!
they eat pork !!
they speak only Russian !!
they run their own Mafia !!
they are not circumcised !!

Should those fake-people also not make a fake-oath
to that fake-state  ??

Sherlock Hommos