Monday, October 11, 2010

The "Chosen" Russians
The "chosen" Russians-Israelis

Israeli government is demanding a new oath from its  Arab-citizens
whom they have abducted and included in 1948´s Israel......

Since 62 years those Arab-citizens are paying taxes to their jailers
and obeying Zionist-laws implemented on their homes....

At the same time ,
it is no secret , that about 600.000
out of the one million Russian-Jews who emigrated since 1990,
are not even (real) Jews.......but they faked their Jewishness
only so that they may get out of Russia !!

Those Russian-non-Jews-Israelis even go Sunday to a Church
and wear a cross on their necks.....and celbrated Christmas.

What about them ???
they are not Semites !!
they are not Jews !!
they are not born on the land !!
they eat pork !!
they speak only Russian !!
they run their own Mafia !!
they are not circumcised !!

Should those fake-people also not make a fake-oath
to that fake-state  ??

Sherlock Hommos

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