Saturday, October 16, 2010

Where do you learn Terrorism ??
Teacher and student....
terrorism in uniform against a terrorist by necessity.

Most of the rightist-populist-politicians
would like to close all the Mosques in Europe.

They accuse the Mosques of "preaching-terrorism".

On the other side ,
I wonder in which places idiocy and fascism are actually taught
so I would go and close them.......all by myself....if this helps humanity.

Why does anyone need a Mosque to convert into a Terrorist ??

It is sufficient just to watch what the Zionist do to others
and what the Pentagon does to all .... !!
As a first step to start considering Terrorism as a tool.

Do you need any Mosque to know :
that Iraq never had any Weapons of Mass Destruction
that Afghanistan did not bomb the Twin-Towers
that Israel is occupying 100% of Palestine
that Iran might, some day, have a civil-nuclear-power
that the USA is supporting all dictators on this planet
that some countries have bottles of Coca Cola
before having enough drinking water  ??

I became "a Terrorist " ,
on the day when I started counting our dead victims !!

Raja Chemayel
"terrorist", but not by choice


أحمد خفاجي said...

كتاباتك مهمة وهادفه
وكنت أحتفظ بالبعض منها في مدونة أنشأتها تحت أسم واحة الكتاب الشرفاء
وشكرا لمجهوداتكم الرائعه
أحمد خفاجي

Anonymous said...

It's out of the question.