Thursday, February 25, 2010

Make three wishes !!!

dedicated to :
all my American-friends
and......... to my Jewish-friends
and especially to......... my Jewish-American-Friends

make three wishes !!

May God Almighty

protect the World
from the USA


May God Almighty

protect the USA
from the Jewish-lobby !!


May God Almighty

protect the Jews
from  Zionism !!

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How innocent are the civilians ???
a Palestinian-civilian....
and.......the Israeli-civilians.

is a soldier while on leave ,
a civilian
or a military-target ??

when a freedom-fighter is at home
does he count as being civilian ??

when an Army-reservist is on holidays
does he count also as a military-target ??

when a reservist-occupier is building
on an occupied-land,
what do we call him ??
( a civilian-expansionist ??)

what about an army-reservist
who is driving his bulldozer
over our olive-trees
over our occupied-lands,
while carrying his personal-machine- gun ,
does he also need a military-protection ??
(or is he simply ,a civilian-bulldozerist ?)

Palestinian kids going to school
and learning about their history
would they become :
freedom-activist ??

  are Israeli-civilians allowed to shoot
on our activist ??
just in case our civilian-activist
shall get ,someday,
the same gun as his occupier  ??

Who may kill whom
what legalises a murder ?

Does a uniform and a flag
allow assassinations ??

Does the Torah allow theft  ??

Does the Koran ask us to accept
our oppressors  ??

Does my Bible allow me to only watch
the injustice and the rapes ?

who  are those civilians ??
are all the civilians innocents ??

Raja Chemayel

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How to weaken Science.
Those democratizers. ..
invited the Mossad.,templateId=renderScaled,property=Bild,width=465.jpg
 Baghdad, one restaurant less
means...... one scientist less.

When any Iraqi-scientist went to a restaurant
or to a coffee-shop,
the Mossad blew up the whole place.....!!

Ten or more by-standers were killed
and about another 50 were injured.

The scientist died, "accidentally"
and no accusations were made against this targeted-assassination ,
simply because it was reported as a: " Terrorist attack ".

Then, if the victims were Shiaa , they blamed the Sunnis
and if the victims were Sunnis the Shiaa got the blame.

If the victims were Shiaa and Sunnis ,
then they would blame the Kurds....
In the meantime one precious-Iraqi- scientist was dead
and 20 by-standers too..

In his biography,  David Ben Gourion , admitted
putting bombs in the Synagogues of Baghdad , Cairo
and Alexandria (1945-1950). ........
so what else is new ??

The Iraqi society has lost about 150 scientists
all "   by accident " and anonimously, in the crowd.

Next time you enter a public place in Baghdad ,
be sure that there are no scientists in it ,
having his Tea,  or a Tikka......

Sherlock Hommos

Monday, February 22, 2010

A home for the Jewish-Capital
Jews at today´s Yemen
they were always there,
before Jesus and before Mohammad .

The Muslem-Ottoman-Turkey was ruling over Palestine
for a period of half of a Millennium..........almost.
All the Jews living in that vast empire , 

could move rather freely
from Morocco to Iran 

and from Bulgaria to Yemen.....

Indeed , many of them came to Jerusalem ,
kissed that West-Wall and then returned home
where ever their home was.
Others did not even bother to come 

and live in Jerusalem
let alone to come and  visit it ,even.

It is only after the fall of the Ottoman-empire
and the consequent expansion
of the (Christian) Franco-British-colonialism
that we see the birth and the Establishment of that
"Jewish" State.........Israel

In other worlds :
having lived under a Muslim-Empire
which was the Ottoman-Empire,
the Jews never felt the need for a separate-state
they have had a "home" (or even several homes) 
within that vast Islamic empire .

If this argument were not enough,
please remember the Jews living in 

the Islamic-Arabic-Spain
for 4 centuries, and compare them to the Jews
living under a Christian-Europe.......

If , for some reason ,
you are still doubting my arguments,
then be informed that the Jews running away from
the Christian- Europe took refuge 

in the Muslim-North-Africa
and or in the Muslim-Ottoman-Empire (1492)

So may I ask you to explain the use, or the purpose,
of that modern state of Israel ??

Unles it was for the desire of the Jewish-capital
who needed a physical-material-base.

This mighty Jewish-capital created for itself ,
artificially:a state , a language , a citizenship , 

an army , a flag and a national-anthum
(stolen from the famous Czech-Symphony 

and having no History behind them,  

the modern-Israelis pretended to be
the Grand-children of Abraham ,
thus creating a stolen Identity
........ in a stolen Land .

Raja Chemayel