Saturday, June 23, 2007

The tale of two Muslims

From: raja chemayel

Salman and Bandar

Both are rich !!
one is rich in literature ,
and the other is, literately-rich.

served the Western-decadence
one did it, by hiding behind Democracy
and the other,
by completely ignoring any, sort or form , of Democracy

The first was blasphemous to his own creator
and the other
created blasphemy in the name of his creator.

Both harmed Islam
yet only Salman got rewarded
Both harmed also ,any left-overs
of the East-West-Harmonies.

One is chased by fanatics-Muslems,
becoming a life-long-fugitive.....
and the other created fanatics-Muslems
and sent them
to Nahr el Bared , in North Lebanon.

Prince Bandar bribed the UK top-Establishment
and bought his place in Washington.

Whether in London or in Washington
Prince Bandar got away without even a trial,
a fair-trial or not !!

And yet ,
only Salman got himself a knighthood.

Meaning that the West
rewards the blasphemous-literature
more than
the corrupted and the corrupting cultures.

Raja Chemayel
incorruptible ! far.

Friday, June 22, 2007

To Fausto

From: raja chemayel

The Lebanon will soon be, again, divided into :

and Hariristan

Palestine will be divided into:
Hamasistan (Gazastan)
(with a large Wall in-between all)

Iraq is, as planned, divided into :
Green-zonistan (CIA-stan)
Insurgenciestan (Liberatedstan)
Southsistan (almost-iran-stan)
Oil-fieldestan (practicaly-USA-stan)
Mercenariestan (praticaly Israelistan)

The USA was always divided into :
(in other words : the USA was never divided)

undividedly suspicious !!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

A historical compromise............without compromising history

I have just found a historical-compromise :
(without compromising history.)
We shall not "wipe-off the Map" the state of Israel
and we shall keep that state of Israel,
but we shall give it all back to the Palestinians.

Because and anyhow,
19.7% of the Israeli-citizens are originally abducted-Palestinians
carrying an Israeli-Passport, imposed on them, by Israel.

And secondly , Israel is occupying another 3 million
Palestinians which is equal to the number of "Israelis"....................
so if we add up the occupied-Palestinians and the abducted-Palestinians
they are more than those imported Israelis.
Let alone, the exiled-Palestinians, another 2.5 million,
who are to added to this equation.

So keep the name of "State of Israel", if you wish,
but give back the country to its original, historical and lawful owners.
Washington may keep pumping money in that direction
and the country shall be refilled with real-Semites , again.

After all , those Israelis once pretended also that Falafel and Hoummos
were Israeli dishes , so they may also call Palestine: Israel ,
if they long as they give it back !
and we shall accept , in that case , to call our Hoummos and Falafel :

Raja Chemayel
a pragmatic-nationalist
and also a pragmatic-terminologist
PS :
I think and hope that President Ahmadinejad also agrees with what I proposed
here.....after all , he does not cares much about our Hoummos.
Only, he cares , about the Justice !!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Good , the Bad and the Ugly........the same film !!!

From: raja chemayel
(watch that ugly-look.................................on the face of the Ugly)
The Good , the Bad and the Ugly 2007 version

original-version 1970

Clint Eastwood gained much weight in 2007
but kept his beard.....
and Elli Wallach is now wearing glasses.....
it is the same film !!

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
20Th of June....the same film....

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

R. Chemayel is rearranging the terminologies

Judaism belongs, respectfully,
in an Archaeological-Museum
andZionism belongs , undoubtedly,
in a High-security-Prison

Imperialism belongs in a reformatory-school
Capitalism belongs in a stray-jacket
Fascism belongs in rehabilitation-clinics
Nationalism belongs only at its own home
Justice belongs to all and everywhere
Fundamentalism belongs only to the insecure-doubtful
Fanaticism belongs to the more-doubtful-insecure
Zionism is a
fascist, imperialist,
fanatic, fundamentalist,
racist, colonial

And to prove to you that, Zionism is not Judaism,
is the obvious fact that ,
many Zionist are not even Jews
and many Jews are not at all Zionists.

Raja Chemayel
rearranging the terminologies........
while the Palestinians are rearranging their large prison.
19Th of June 2007