Tuesday, June 19, 2007

R. Chemayel is rearranging the terminologies

Judaism belongs, respectfully,
in an Archaeological-Museum
andZionism belongs , undoubtedly,
in a High-security-Prison

Imperialism belongs in a reformatory-school
Capitalism belongs in a stray-jacket
Fascism belongs in rehabilitation-clinics
Nationalism belongs only at its own home
Justice belongs to all and everywhere
Fundamentalism belongs only to the insecure-doubtful
Fanaticism belongs to the more-doubtful-insecure
Zionism is a
fascist, imperialist,
fanatic, fundamentalist,
racist, colonial

And to prove to you that, Zionism is not Judaism,
is the obvious fact that ,
many Zionist are not even Jews
and many Jews are not at all Zionists.

Raja Chemayel
rearranging the terminologies........
while the Palestinians are rearranging their large prison.
19Th of June 2007

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