Saturday, June 23, 2007

The tale of two Muslims

From: raja chemayel

Salman and Bandar

Both are rich !!
one is rich in literature ,
and the other is, literately-rich.

served the Western-decadence
one did it, by hiding behind Democracy
and the other,
by completely ignoring any, sort or form , of Democracy

The first was blasphemous to his own creator
and the other
created blasphemy in the name of his creator.

Both harmed Islam
yet only Salman got rewarded
Both harmed also ,any left-overs
of the East-West-Harmonies.

One is chased by fanatics-Muslems,
becoming a life-long-fugitive.....
and the other created fanatics-Muslems
and sent them
to Nahr el Bared , in North Lebanon.

Prince Bandar bribed the UK top-Establishment
and bought his place in Washington.

Whether in London or in Washington
Prince Bandar got away without even a trial,
a fair-trial or not !!

And yet ,
only Salman got himself a knighthood.

Meaning that the West
rewards the blasphemous-literature
more than
the corrupted and the corrupting cultures.

Raja Chemayel
incorruptible ! far.

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