Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The one eyed among the blinds

List of
The Arab League of States

Those who never, ever, did hold elections :
Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates

Those who never lost in any election :

Exceptions :
( only now, has the first real election since 55 years)
( only now ,the first election with any substantial-choice since 50 years)
( once, the Prince has closed his parliament for 26 long years
and he might do it again )

The Lebanon
the one-eyed among the blinds
that has regular elections ,each 4 years,
with winners and real-losers ,
and a civil-war , too.

Raja Chemayel
my uncle has lost 7 times, in 50 years ,
in the Lebanese-elections

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Camel never sees its own hump
The Arab-League-of-States:
a dictator´s-club !!

The Arab League of States has about 20 members.
This league has recently demanded that Syria 
changes its regimes into..... " more democracy " .

It is the first time in its history
that this League demands anything 
from any of its member.......

With all due respect , 
(whenever and where respect is still due),
I say that only Tunisia , Egypt, Jordan and the Lebanon
would have the right to demand " more democracy "
from Syria or from any other Arab-country.......

All other members ought to refrain 
from demanding any other member to become 
better than what they ,themselves, are not :
1- half of those members do not even hold elections
2- the other half , never lost any elections........

To "shut-up"
would be my humble advice to them ,

but I shall also remind them of an  Arabic-proverb
" A Camel never sees its own hump "

الجمل ما بيشوف حردبته

Raja Chemayel------رَجا  شْمَيِّل

NB :
The PA made an election, but it did not like the results,
..................and the rest is now history.

Monday, January 23, 2012

If a country wants.......
made in Syria !!
( even under the " dictatorship " )

If a country has already an atom bomb ,
it should not complain about Iran´s .

If a country has not even a parliament
nor any elected-leaders (or head of state)
it should not complain about Syria´s elected-parliament.

If a country has introduced and practised terrorism into Palestine
it should not complain that (some) Palestinians also use it now,
as self-defence.

If a country wants to "save the Jews"
(from any probable anything )
it must take them back to where they came from
or take them into its own .

If any country wants  any Peace,
it must start by recalling all its soldiers
back to within its own borders.

If any country wants to put me in a prison
,for what I write or what I say,
it must have its prisons
with ,
Chinese cooks and Swiss-hygiene
Syrian sweet + pastry shop

Raja Chemayel

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Discrimination of the Jews
A French opinion :
" monopolist, exploiter and corrupter "

I cannot say, exactly,  why almost all the Jews
were discriminated and persecuted
during the whole course of History.

I can only say 3 things, with certainty  :

1- The Golden Age of  any Jews and of Judaism
     was only under the Arab/Muslim rule.

2Until 1948 and until Palestine was stolen
 we the Arabs , did not consider them as our enemies
nor as inferior , nor as aggressors ,
nor as occupiers , nor as usurpers,
nor as intruders,
nor as racist-colonialists...

3- The Israelis of the twentieth century
have nothing in common with
any character from the Bible stories
nor even any Bible myths.
(any Greek-person has more historical-claim on today´s Turkey
than any "Jew " has on Palestine )

Raja Chemayel
an Arab, born 6 weeks before Israel