Monday, January 23, 2012

If a country wants.......
made in Syria !!
( even under the " dictatorship " )

If a country has already an atom bomb ,
it should not complain about Iran´s .

If a country has not even a parliament
nor any elected-leaders (or head of state)
it should not complain about Syria´s elected-parliament.

If a country has introduced and practised terrorism into Palestine
it should not complain that (some) Palestinians also use it now,
as self-defence.

If a country wants to "save the Jews"
(from any probable anything )
it must take them back to where they came from
or take them into its own .

If any country wants  any Peace,
it must start by recalling all its soldiers
back to within its own borders.

If any country wants to put me in a prison
,for what I write or what I say,
it must have its prisons
with ,
Chinese cooks and Swiss-hygiene
Syrian sweet + pastry shop

Raja Chemayel

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