Friday, November 7, 2008

Obama,Democracy and my memory

It is not what you are that counts,
but it is , rather , what you do......

Obama is maybe black but it is not
because of something he has done.

Obama is born Muslim , but is this is nothing special
because there are a Billion born Muslim.

Obama is a Democrat but again ,I ask you ,
what do Democrats that Republicans do not also do ??

Obama is a US-citizen , voted into office by the Americans,
thanks to another 365 Million Dollars campaign- budget.

If electing a Black-President is classified as being Democracy
then the whole of Africa is democratic !!

If electing a Muslim-born is democratic
then 35 Muslim-countries can be also democratic !!

And none is the case !!

How many Black Presidents are democratic ??
How many Muslim leaders are democratic ??
How many black-Muslim- presidents are......... .??
How US Presidents promoted democracy ??

Rest assured that the change is not coming
only ........another president... ...

Let us remind each other 4 years from now
or even 8 years !!

Raja Chemayel
someone with a long memory

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

8 Years After

George Bush wanted to bring democracy to Iraq
instead he brought destruction, Haly-Burton and Al Ka'eeda.

George Bush wanted to make War of Terror in Afghanistan
instead he brought a surge in opium plantation and export.

George Bush wanted to bring Peace to Palestine
instead he brought us a Road-Map that led us
from nowhere to the far away Annapolis.

Today the fourth of November 2008
the USA is electing yet another George Bush
only the name will change
and probably the colour of the skin ,too.

Sherlock Hommos