Friday, November 7, 2008

Obama,Democracy and my memory

It is not what you are that counts,
but it is , rather , what you do......

Obama is maybe black but it is not
because of something he has done.

Obama is born Muslim , but is this is nothing special
because there are a Billion born Muslim.

Obama is a Democrat but again ,I ask you ,
what do Democrats that Republicans do not also do ??

Obama is a US-citizen , voted into office by the Americans,
thanks to another 365 Million Dollars campaign- budget.

If electing a Black-President is classified as being Democracy
then the whole of Africa is democratic !!

If electing a Muslim-born is democratic
then 35 Muslim-countries can be also democratic !!

And none is the case !!

How many Black Presidents are democratic ??
How many Muslim leaders are democratic ??
How many black-Muslim- presidents are......... .??
How US Presidents promoted democracy ??

Rest assured that the change is not coming
only ........another president... ...

Let us remind each other 4 years from now
or even 8 years !!

Raja Chemayel
someone with a long memory

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