Saturday, February 20, 2010

For the first time........للمرة مره في حياتي أواق على أي شيء يقوله صهيوني

The land of the Bible belongs to the people of the Bible.
they said !!!

أرض النوراة هي ملك لشعب التوراة!!!
هذا حسب قولهم
This is the first time in my 61 years
that I agree with a slogan
written by the Zionists and for the Zionists.

Unless the People of the Bible were
the Fallasha´s of Ethiopia
or Vikings from Latvia and Lithuania
or Slavic from Poland, Russia
or Turkmen from Khazaria.

Maybe this Land of the Bible belongs to :
Barbara Streysand, Paul Neuman,
Kirk Douglas,Betty Middler
Samy Davis Jr, Baron Rottchild
not to forget Madona.....!!
(and Ted Turner).

today the 20th. February 2010
and for the first time ever ,
I agree ,for once, with something
the Zionists have said or written.

"The Land of the Bible belongs to the people of the Bible ".
meaning :
Ismail Haniyyah, Hanan Ashrawee
Geroge Habash , Mahmoud Darwish
Edward Saiid, Moustafa Barghouthy
Mounir K. Haddad, Leila Khaled
Zahi Damuni,Samia Saleh
my aunt Ikhlass....
and 4 million others !!

Raja Chemayel
on the day I agreed with anything zionist !!

لأول مره خلال سني عمري ال61
الذي أوافق على شعار ما
كتبه صهاينة لأجل الصهاينة

هذا في ما لو كان شعب التوراة هم غير:
الفلاشا الأثيوبيين
أو الفايكنيح من لاتفيا وليتوانيا
أو سلاف بولونيا وروسيا
أو تركمان بلاد الخزر
قد تكون أرض التوراة هذه  هي ملك:
باربرا سترايساند، بول نيومان
كيرك دوغلاس بيت ميدلار
سامي ديفس، أو البارون روتشيلد
ولا ننسى سيدة الطهر والعفاف، مادونا
أو (تد تيرنر)

على كل،
اليوم الموافق 20 شباط/فبراير ولأول مرة على للإطلاق
أوافق، ولمرة واحدة، مع شيء ما
قاله الصهاينة أو كتبوه

"أرض التوراة ملك شعب التوراة"
ما يعني:
إسماعيل هنية، حنان عشراوي
الحكيم جورج حبش، محمود درويش،
إدوار سعيد، مصطفى البرغوثي،
منير ك. حداد، ليلى خالد، زاهي داموني،
زاهي داموني، سامية صالح
وعمتي إخلاص بالإضافة إلى عشرة ملايين
فلسطيني عربي آخرين
المحتلين منهم والمقتلعين

رجا الشميل
في اليوم الذي وافقت فيه على أي قول صهيوني
ترجمة: أديب قعوار
واحد من العسرة ملايين فلسطيني الآخرين 

Friday, February 19, 2010

Only " old-age" shall liberate Egypt.

A  mesage from the future...... ....
Some Mummies never die....

Recently , a DNA test was done
on the Mummy of  his Majesty King Tutankhamen

It revealed that he died from Malaria
and not from an infection of his broken leg.

In the coming year of  4361 (AD)  when another  DNA-test
shall be done on the Mummy
of his Exellency Bresident Husny Mubarak (the first)

it will reveal that Husny died 630 years
after Malaria was totally vanquished,( in 2433)
therefore we must conclude that
only "old-age" did save Egypt  in 2042.

Eng. Moustafa  Roosenbloom

Egyptologist- post-mortum

Five Stars Hotels.......
 some Holocaust-survivors ??..... perhaps ??

There is Terrorism and Terrorism
some people kill others
but others ,only, assassinate. ...

The Mossad for example ,
used 11 men and women
to assassinate one man....only !!

They all flew Business-class
and stayed in 5 stars Hotels
carrying first class European-passports.

The Europeans considered it as scandalous
that their European-Passports were used
otherwise, they did not mind the assassination, itself.

When will the Arab-Terrorist finally
learn to fly Business-class ,
 to use Euroepan-passports
to stay in 5 stars Hotels ??

(instead of riding in a cheap-regular- city-bus)

Eng. Moustafa  Roosenbloom
anti-cheap-terror- methods

Thursday, February 18, 2010

When the UK complains to Israel.......
he did not die in a Gaza-tunnel !!

The British Government is officially protesting
to the Israeli government
about of the assassination in Dubai
of the Hamas leader  Mr.  Mahmoud Al Mabhou.
Who was assassinated by 11 Mossad operatives
in a five stars hotel.

They could not suffocate him in a Gaza-tunnel 
so they strangled him in Dubai......

That "only-democracy" speaks only one language: death .

What is remarkable
is that the British did file a complaint
not because of the assassination. ....itself,
but rather due to the fact that
the Mossad has used British-passports
for this operations.

Of course ,
Israel denies any involvement
but accidentally all used false-identities- passports
were of British-citizens having profited from
the Balfour declaration and are now living
in the Land of Milk and Honey......
keeping the double-nationality , as well.

the double-nationality- spies

of that
 double-faced- Israel

disturbed that
Double-Standards- of that Great-Britain

The irony remains that  Israel, as well as, Dubai
both created by Great Britain.

Sherlock Hommos

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ninety Seven PerCent......97%
Palestinian violent aggressors ,
attacking the unarmed-civilians !!

How to reduce the "Palestinian- violence "
by more than 97%

this violence is otherwise called :
or more honestly called :
 the liberati

It is possible to achieve it ,
by a four steps solution

1-  stop all foreign-immigration s into Israel
and then allow all the Palestinian- refugees back .

2- bring all Israeli-politicians and officers
 into  a Court of Law
(whether guilty or not !!)
bring also all Palestinian Politicians and officers
(whether guilty or not !! )

3- impliment all rules of the International- law
all the decisions of all Courts
and last not least,
 impliment all UN resolutions
since 1946.

4- Run a DNA Test on evrerybody
 to establish and identify
who is a grand-son-of- Abraham
and who is not.
Whereas whose who are not
will all go back to where
their grand-fathers
came from.
(After paying the damages)

And then you shall get a
guaranteed minimum of
 97% of a just-Peace.

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
Ambassador of  Khazaristan

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How to reduce by 14,30% the Israeli aggressions ???
Saturdays,  relax on the beach ....

A new effort is made to reduce the Israeli-aggressions ,
expansions, discrimination' s, oppressions, land-grab,
evictions,waters- deviation , illegal-building, tortures,
arms-manufacturing and drugs-smuggling
by a ratio of minus 14,30%.

 the Upper Rabbinate is negociating

a "Jewish-Fatwa"  that will declare
¨the Sabbath being extended for
the Sundays too.

So the Sabbath,
 will be from Friday Sundown
untill Sunday Sundown.

Of course,  exempted from that
Long-Sabbath- arrangement
are,  the Mossad , the WhiteHouse,
Husny Mubarak,King Abdullah,
  all the licensed- brothels
and  all the FFF,
( fake-falafel- factories ) .

Eng. Moustafa  Roosenbloom

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Afghanistan has reached the shores of Dover and Calais
 Some Afghan-refuge- seekers
confronted with their French "liberators " in Calais
they could even reach their British new-masters , 
in Dover.

When the irony of fate

meets with

 the hypocrisy of  the politicians .
(Quand l´ironie du sort rencontre l´hypocrisie des politiciens)
عندما سخرية القدر يلتقي
نفاق السياسيين.
當命運的諷刺 會見

we see Afghan-refugees being forcibly deported
from Europe back to their homes.
While , thousands of European soldiers are killing,
or subsequently , are getting killed in Afghanistan.

In other practical words :
a British soldier would eventually pay with his life
to " liberate"  an Afghan from his natural-surrounding s
but would not allow him inside the UK , to eventually
wash his car , or to wash the dishes in a Kebab-restaurant.

The same goes for any other European cases......
(including my Holland which is proportionally better.)

As for the USA ,
it safely far away and we know that statistically speaking ,
the USA has not even had one percent
of the refugees whether from Iraq or from Afghanistan.

So if you are an Afghan watching
this mockery of "liberation" taking place on your soil,
go and arrest those Multi-National- Liberators
and deport them back ,because ,
they also have not an entry-visa
nor any green-card for Afghanistan ....
let alone having a work-permit.

you may seek the help of the Talibans,who are Afghans in Afghanistan and
because, they never went outside thier borders.

Talibans also do not like any British person
doing their dishes in their Kebab-restaurents,
nor washing their convertable- donkeys.. .. on a Friday-afternoon.

Capt. Sherlock Hommos

cross-channel- ferry-master
Ferry....... ....for whites only !!.........

PS  :
Somehow this case, is like a person from Gaza
who has to choose between,  an Israeli-prison
or an Egyptian-jailer. .....
or choosing between,  a wall of barbarism
or an Iron -wall.

An urgent Public-enquiry

(on the occasion
of the latest renewed military operations
in Afghanistan , only yesterday )

 Public-Urgent-Enquiry :

Please !
We are looking for anyone
who  still
would confirm whether
the invasion of Iraq were to be ,
legal or justified.

(with the exception of Bush,Blair
and Israel, of course)

Sherlock Hommos
contemporary historian

Should you find anyone, enough dishonest... ..
please forward him the Blair´s lawyers.
Or to the nearest Israeli Embassy .

Do not worry for George Bush , because
he has himself appointed the Supreme-Court- Judges.