Sunday, February 14, 2010

Afghanistan has reached the shores of Dover and Calais
 Some Afghan-refuge- seekers
confronted with their French "liberators " in Calais
they could even reach their British new-masters , 
in Dover.

When the irony of fate

meets with

 the hypocrisy of  the politicians .
(Quand l´ironie du sort rencontre l´hypocrisie des politiciens)
عندما سخرية القدر يلتقي
نفاق السياسيين.
當命運的諷刺 會見

we see Afghan-refugees being forcibly deported
from Europe back to their homes.
While , thousands of European soldiers are killing,
or subsequently , are getting killed in Afghanistan.

In other practical words :
a British soldier would eventually pay with his life
to " liberate"  an Afghan from his natural-surrounding s
but would not allow him inside the UK , to eventually
wash his car , or to wash the dishes in a Kebab-restaurant.

The same goes for any other European cases......
(including my Holland which is proportionally better.)

As for the USA ,
it safely far away and we know that statistically speaking ,
the USA has not even had one percent
of the refugees whether from Iraq or from Afghanistan.

So if you are an Afghan watching
this mockery of "liberation" taking place on your soil,
go and arrest those Multi-National- Liberators
and deport them back ,because ,
they also have not an entry-visa
nor any green-card for Afghanistan ....
let alone having a work-permit.

you may seek the help of the Talibans,who are Afghans in Afghanistan and
because, they never went outside thier borders.

Talibans also do not like any British person
doing their dishes in their Kebab-restaurents,
nor washing their convertable- donkeys.. .. on a Friday-afternoon.

Capt. Sherlock Hommos

cross-channel- ferry-master
Ferry....... ....for whites only !!.........

PS  :
Somehow this case, is like a person from Gaza
who has to choose between,  an Israeli-prison
or an Egyptian-jailer. .....
or choosing between,  a wall of barbarism
or an Iron -wall.

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