Thursday, February 18, 2010

When the UK complains to Israel.......
he did not die in a Gaza-tunnel !!

The British Government is officially protesting
to the Israeli government
about of the assassination in Dubai
of the Hamas leader  Mr.  Mahmoud Al Mabhou.
Who was assassinated by 11 Mossad operatives
in a five stars hotel.

They could not suffocate him in a Gaza-tunnel 
so they strangled him in Dubai......

That "only-democracy" speaks only one language: death .

What is remarkable
is that the British did file a complaint
not because of the assassination. ....itself,
but rather due to the fact that
the Mossad has used British-passports
for this operations.

Of course ,
Israel denies any involvement
but accidentally all used false-identities- passports
were of British-citizens having profited from
the Balfour declaration and are now living
in the Land of Milk and Honey......
keeping the double-nationality , as well.

the double-nationality- spies

of that
 double-faced- Israel

disturbed that
Double-Standards- of that Great-Britain

The irony remains that  Israel, as well as, Dubai
both created by Great Britain.

Sherlock Hommos

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