Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ninety Seven PerCent......97%
Palestinian violent aggressors ,
attacking the unarmed-civilians !!

How to reduce the "Palestinian- violence "
by more than 97%

this violence is otherwise called :
or more honestly called :
 the liberati

It is possible to achieve it ,
by a four steps solution

1-  stop all foreign-immigration s into Israel
and then allow all the Palestinian- refugees back .

2- bring all Israeli-politicians and officers
 into  a Court of Law
(whether guilty or not !!)
bring also all Palestinian Politicians and officers
(whether guilty or not !! )

3- impliment all rules of the International- law
all the decisions of all Courts
and last not least,
 impliment all UN resolutions
since 1946.

4- Run a DNA Test on evrerybody
 to establish and identify
who is a grand-son-of- Abraham
and who is not.
Whereas whose who are not
will all go back to where
their grand-fathers
came from.
(After paying the damages)

And then you shall get a
guaranteed minimum of
 97% of a just-Peace.

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
Ambassador of  Khazaristan

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