Saturday, September 1, 2007



Shaikh Moqtada El Sadr has commanded to his Mehdy-Army
to observe a one-sided-cease- fire for a period of six months......

The US-Marines are very touched by this gesture
and shall stop shelling whole cities
and stop flattening whole villages
also for six months...... ..

The Mossad , although not existing,
shall stop planting the bombs in crowded market-places
during only the Saturdays (Sabbath)
during those same six months.

The multinational- mercenaries shall come forward with
a most humane gesture and shall no more charge for over-time
during those six months , as a sign of good-will... ..

The (Iraqi) Government and ministers shall during this period
refuse all bribes and shall shut-down all corruption efforts
during the official office hours....... ....six months long !!

Exception will be made for the Oil Industry ,
because ,if one stops the stealing for six months ,
it will be disastrous for the Free-marked- system... ......

MI5 and MI6 shall also stop all subversive activities in Basra
and in the South in general.

Al Qua'eeda shall make a retreat to Langley,Virginia
for a refresher-course at the CIA head-office.

Finally , the Kurds not knowing where to go ,
nor knowing whom to trust anymore ,
will stick to their training-camps
where the all courses are given in Hivrit.

All in all , it is a positive step
which shall give each of the components of this tragedy
the time to reflect and ask to oneself:

why am I liberating my country ?? from the "liberators"


why am I occupying another man's country ?? which never harmed mine.


what does genocide has to do with the spreading-democracy ??


how could the plundering Iraq-resources stop the global-terrorism ??


how come we became worse than the ones we accused of brutal-dictatorship ??

Anyhow 6 months is an abstraction. ......
and a cease-fire is a very temporary act of balance..... .

Eng . Moustafa Roosenbloom

Friday, August 31, 2007

Ten steps towards Israoil

First of all,
tell us that President Saddam were to be an evil Dictator
Secondly ,
accuse Saddam of having Weapons of Mass Destruction
then bomb and invade Iraq
Fourth ,
declare that your barbaric-aggression as a " Mission Accomplished "
for the sake of Democratisation in the birthplace of civilisations.
Fifth ,
promote, initiated and organise total chaos in Iraq
bring to power the war-lords,the feudal,the mullahs
and even the thieves too plus, 107.259 mercenaries
Sixth ,
lose this war , then blame it on Al Qua'eeda and
try to find any way out.............. if not go to step NR. 7
Seventh ,
invade ,as a diversion, the Lebanon
because Israel ,itself , failed anyway and repeatedly too.
Eighth ,
if you shall never find Saddam's Weapons hidden inside the Lebanon,
then proceed (as planned) looking for them ,inside Syria............
Ninth ,
after devastating , crippling and ruining Syria, as well,
then the tenth step will be to declare all this as total success,
all this on behalf of Israel....of course !!
I might be wrong ,
so I would welcome any other analyses
or any other accusations
until then I say :
" it was all done for the sake of Israel "
or rather " for the sake of Israoil"

Eng . Moustafa Roosenbloom
prospecting for Kosher-Oil

Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Blue Helmets Blues

in the 16Th century and onwards
colonialist nations send their Christian-missionaries
to far away places , only to be followed by the legionnaires
who then colonised and milked those robbed lands.

in the 20Th century the Zionist
from within those same colonialist nations
sent to Palestine,farmers and settlers,
only to be followed by more settlers
but , with superior armaments......
and then they robbed the rest of the land.......
this story is still on-going , as you read this text.

Now ,
in the 21st century the grand-children of those colonial-powers
put on Blue Helmets provided by the United Nations,
then they speak about "Peace" and "democratisation"
to cripple Serbia and to submit Albania, to occupy Sudan
and get the Oil out of Darfur in order to sell it to China
and last but not least those Blue Helmets
is protecting now , the north of Israel
from a legitimate-liberation-threat.

As a matter of fact , all three crimes are similar
if not even identical in their hypocrisy
only now the Blue Helmet has replaced the other different hats.

Sherlock Hommos
watching history repeating itself

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Love your Neighbour

Why to create the State of Israel ?

is it to find a place where to dump away
all your own Jewish-neighbour ??

Why to support the state of Israel ?
is it to be sure that all Jews will stay in one place
and will not come back to where they came from ??

Why to create a Jewish-only- state ??
are the Jews to be treated as an unwanted-speecies
which has to be isolated in one place ??

If you love Jews , or at least, if you do not mind
having a Jew as a neighbour ....why then exiling them
in a foreign land which is not theirs.....and never was !!

The most unsafe place on this earth for the Jews
is being called "the Jewish-state" ......

Where is to be found , the most-threatened- Jew ??
In Caracas or in Tell Aviv ??
In Brooklyn or in Tel Aviv ??
In Amsterdam or in Tel Aviv ??
Even a Jew in Cairo or in Casablanca is safer than a Jew in Tel Aviv !!

One of the ten commandments was :
"Love your neighbour ! "
and not
" put your neighbour in a quarantine !"

The State of Israel is the worse solution to a pure western-problem
which it has had with its own western-Jewish- minority. ......

Me and 5 other million Palestinians are innocent from that drama....
and we are , rather , the victims of the victims !!

Raja Chemayel

29 of August 2007

Monday, August 27, 2007

"Why do they hate us ??"


" Why do they hate us ?? "
is the most asked question
in the USA
and in the UK
probably also.......

I personally do not hate the USA nor the UK
but I would like to see both of them castrated,
and I mean it , militarily-castrated.

I would never fly my aeroplane through any building in New York
nor would I use the services of the London Underground.

No Sir !!
I only would like when each, USA + UK ,
would call back all their troops ,
armies and Navy....back home .

It happens at many times when those monsters
would have more military might , outside their own territories
than inside it.......... ....and that is called , by any dictionary,
aggression , or better...... ...said Hegemony
the good-old-standard- colonialism !!!

As a camouflage they may use blue helmets
of the United Nations',
from time to time,
but the effect is the same.....

it is the "modern-day- colonialism. "

Stop for a while and reflect and calculate how many US soldiers
were outside the USA , on September the 10Th 2001 ??
and what were they doing outside their own home land ???
whatever they were actually doing , was serving only their own hegemony....
even if they were on a fishing-trip or even a picnic,outside their borders.

If the USA and the likes of it , are anything else but evil ,
why would they need such a military might ??
Aggression starts by the militarism !!

In the meantime
more British died in Iraq than inside the London Metro......
more US-soldiers died in Iraq than the US-civilians in New-York's 911

And who started it all ???
Saddam Hussein ??
Mother Teresa ??
Oussama Ben Ladin ??
Michael Jackson ??
or rather,
all of George Bush's predecessors ???

Why does Oussama Ben Laden hate the USA ??
Why does any extremist and even any moderate
Third-World- free-thinker hate that same USA ??
Is it because
Americans are born to be hated ??
or Filipinos and Palestinians are born to be enslaved ??
or Hugo Chavez is born to die poor ???
or Muslims are born to liberate the world from Christian-supremacy ??

I hate my mother-in-law more than the USA,
but when each of them would mind his own rightful business
my hate shall then disappear .....

The same goes for the State of Zion,
which should have never existed

not on this planet anyhow...... .......
but only in some fairy-books and some libraries
and some mystical-fantasies

somewhere were that State of Zion would not harm God's children
like in a Cinderella's story....... ......

Nobody hates a Cinderella.. .......
except the USA's government

who would like her to remain exploited !!! for ever ....

Sherlock Hommos
hating all the hatred...... ... but very selectively. ....

Sunday, August 26, 2007


This Summer Israel has not attacked my Lebanon
did they run out of pretexts
or did Israel run out of war-criminals ??

Are they too busy , pumping out the Oil of Iraq
or simply busy having their hands full with Gazaen blood ??
Probably most of their time is now spent on planing
the next Presidential elections in the USA
and bombing more Lebanese civilians
would cost some votes to their candidates...........

Will they assassinate Ismail Hanniyyah first
or would they simply will poison Mahmoud Abbas
and blame Hannan Ashrawee for it ????
and jail her....
with the other 474 children and 2557 women.

Israel is too busy ,now, to re-enter the Lebanon
and its favourite Gemayel has lost even
the parliamentarian- election,
So it will have to appoint soon another Puppet ,
one that could reach the Presidential seat ,
otherwise France might beat Israel in that game.......
Or the USA might even bring over Hamid Karsay
from Kabul , to take over Beirut............

Who knows ?? "Democracy" makes Miracles !!!
(or rather Catastrophes )....
but not necessarily Peace .

Anyhow ,
my Lebanon was spared by Israel, this summer,
only to be replaced by Fateh el Islam
a courtesy of Prince Bandar and Condi Rice
in orchestration with the Saad el Hariri clan........ .
Next month Lebanon shall elect a new President
whose Puppet will it be ???
Which Puppeteer shall win......... ... this time ??

And the good-news is........
Israel did not send us its deleted-uranium
nor its cluster bombs....... ...this summer.
Sherlock Sherlock Hommos
Quaver 2 Summer time and the living is easy !! Semiquaver 2