Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Blue Helmets Blues

in the 16Th century and onwards
colonialist nations send their Christian-missionaries
to far away places , only to be followed by the legionnaires
who then colonised and milked those robbed lands.

in the 20Th century the Zionist
from within those same colonialist nations
sent to Palestine,farmers and settlers,
only to be followed by more settlers
but , with superior armaments......
and then they robbed the rest of the land.......
this story is still on-going , as you read this text.

Now ,
in the 21st century the grand-children of those colonial-powers
put on Blue Helmets provided by the United Nations,
then they speak about "Peace" and "democratisation"
to cripple Serbia and to submit Albania, to occupy Sudan
and get the Oil out of Darfur in order to sell it to China
and last but not least those Blue Helmets
is protecting now , the north of Israel
from a legitimate-liberation-threat.

As a matter of fact , all three crimes are similar
if not even identical in their hypocrisy
only now the Blue Helmet has replaced the other different hats.

Sherlock Hommos
watching history repeating itself


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