Sunday, August 26, 2007


This Summer Israel has not attacked my Lebanon
did they run out of pretexts
or did Israel run out of war-criminals ??

Are they too busy , pumping out the Oil of Iraq
or simply busy having their hands full with Gazaen blood ??
Probably most of their time is now spent on planing
the next Presidential elections in the USA
and bombing more Lebanese civilians
would cost some votes to their candidates...........

Will they assassinate Ismail Hanniyyah first
or would they simply will poison Mahmoud Abbas
and blame Hannan Ashrawee for it ????
and jail her....
with the other 474 children and 2557 women.

Israel is too busy ,now, to re-enter the Lebanon
and its favourite Gemayel has lost even
the parliamentarian- election,
So it will have to appoint soon another Puppet ,
one that could reach the Presidential seat ,
otherwise France might beat Israel in that game.......
Or the USA might even bring over Hamid Karsay
from Kabul , to take over Beirut............

Who knows ?? "Democracy" makes Miracles !!!
(or rather Catastrophes )....
but not necessarily Peace .

Anyhow ,
my Lebanon was spared by Israel, this summer,
only to be replaced by Fateh el Islam
a courtesy of Prince Bandar and Condi Rice
in orchestration with the Saad el Hariri clan........ .
Next month Lebanon shall elect a new President
whose Puppet will it be ???
Which Puppeteer shall win......... ... this time ??

And the good-news is........
Israel did not send us its deleted-uranium
nor its cluster bombs....... ...this summer.
Sherlock Sherlock Hommos
Quaver 2 Summer time and the living is easy !! Semiquaver 2

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