Friday, August 31, 2007

Ten steps towards Israoil

First of all,
tell us that President Saddam were to be an evil Dictator
Secondly ,
accuse Saddam of having Weapons of Mass Destruction
then bomb and invade Iraq
Fourth ,
declare that your barbaric-aggression as a " Mission Accomplished "
for the sake of Democratisation in the birthplace of civilisations.
Fifth ,
promote, initiated and organise total chaos in Iraq
bring to power the war-lords,the feudal,the mullahs
and even the thieves too plus, 107.259 mercenaries
Sixth ,
lose this war , then blame it on Al Qua'eeda and
try to find any way out.............. if not go to step NR. 7
Seventh ,
invade ,as a diversion, the Lebanon
because Israel ,itself , failed anyway and repeatedly too.
Eighth ,
if you shall never find Saddam's Weapons hidden inside the Lebanon,
then proceed (as planned) looking for them ,inside Syria............
Ninth ,
after devastating , crippling and ruining Syria, as well,
then the tenth step will be to declare all this as total success,
all this on behalf of Israel....of course !!
I might be wrong ,
so I would welcome any other analyses
or any other accusations
until then I say :
" it was all done for the sake of Israel "
or rather " for the sake of Israoil"

Eng . Moustafa Roosenbloom
prospecting for Kosher-Oil

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