Friday, May 21, 2010

Who is tolerating ???.....and what ??
Tolerating only a colour , is not Tolerance,  itself.....

The Western-cultures are somehow protecting their values
against all the more valuable civilisations
coming from the East.......

Indeed, from East once came Judaism and Christianity.
Judaism ended in Auschwitz,  while Christianity ended
in all the Royal-palaces of Europe.

Today Judaism moved out of the Ghettos
to reside in all the central-banks and universities
while Christianity became a hostage in the hands
of the western-politicians .

Islam who also came from the East,
is being fought back
and blocked by many irrational, populist
hysterical and childish-counter- measures.

In Switzerland ,
you can build a Mosque but without a Minaret !
In Belgium,
you can visit any nudist-club if you do not wear a Burqa !!
In Holland ,
you may become the Mayor of the biggest city ,
if you are a moderate-muslim !!
In France,
you may finish all your studies, 
if you show your hair !!
In Denmark, 
a man can marry another man ,
if he accepts the blasphemous- caricatures. ......... .

Tolerance is the rule........ but Islam is its exception !!
Tolerance is applied to what resembles one self.......only.

My daughter, studying "Orientalism" at the University
has had ,this winter, 6 lectures on (the values of)  Zionism
and none about Baathism nor Nasserism nor the Nahdat.

Yes Tolerance is nice , but it all depends on:
who is tolerating.. ...and what ???
Raja Chemayel
to become tolerant , start by tolerating !!

PS :
In Israel where nobody is tolerated,
unless if being a Jew ,

they are building a "Museum for Tolerance ". !!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The "chosen-killer-thieves"<span id=
The problem with Moses is that he was either
a Jew from Hollywood,
an Egyptian-monotheist

When Moses was still residing in Egypt ,
he pretended that God has asked him to steal the Gold of the Pharaoh´s
which he did.........
while , God´s angel would go and to kill each first-born-Egyptian
which was done .....

At that point in time,  stealing and killing.........were both still OK !!

While travelling though the Sinai , 2 years and 3 months later,
the message changed completely and God asked his Moses ,
among 8 other things , not to steal.......... and not to kill !!

Once arrived to Palestine,3 years and 5 weeks later,
that same God who gave those 10 commandments
would have asked to the same Moses:
to steal Palestine.........and to kill the Canaanites .

Therefore ,
I wish that Moses would have stayed in the Sinai, for ever,
with his own chosen-killer-thieves .

Raja Chemayel
a theologian of the Logic

It is not unthinkable that there might have been
2 contradicting-Gods....
or otherwise , probably,  2 Moses, one was a thief
and the other was a prophet !!

That is why,  let us all wait , until the real
and the original Bible-text, is found !!
in the meantime , send back all the Israelites to Egypt ,
or to Babylon !!!...if not to Kiev and Warshaw.....

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Is the war over ??

هل وضعت الحرب أوزارها؟
هل تعرف حرياً،
تخاض بلا سلاح؟؟

لماذا علينا أن ننزع سلاح مقاومينا؟؟
 هل نزع العدو سلاحه؟؟

هل يحتل مقاومونا أرضاً أجنبية...
هل يقتلع شعباً من أرضه... أو أنهم يبنون جدارأً أبارثادياً؟؟

لماذا ننزع سلاحنا ولا تزال الحرب مستعرة؟؟!!
هل حدث في التاريخ أن حدث أن بادر المضطهدين...
 إلى نزع سلاحهم أولاً؟؟!!

أو، ربما، ببساطة...
مطلوب منا أن نستسلم؟؟!!

ثلث عديد الحكومة اللبنانية لا تزال مؤلفة...
من متعاونين مع العدو الصهيوني!!!
والثلث الثاني من أزلام بعض الأنظمة العربية "المعتدلة"!!
أما الثلث الأخير... فمن اللبنانيين النظيفين...

السفارة الأمريكية لا تزال تدفع أجور...
تنظيمات أمنية ضمن فصائل الجيش...
والشرطة... والدرك!!!

أرجع لنا أرضنا المحتلة... فلسطيننا...
بعدها عد إلينا واجمع كل السلاح الذي لدينا
سكاكين المطبخ حتى تلك التي تستعملها زوجاتنا!!!

رجا الشميل
أنا أحمل سكين جيب!!!

المترجم المحلف: أديب قعوار
                             Is the War  

Do you know of any war,
without weapons ??

Why must we disarm our resistance-fighters ??
has the enemy also disarmed ??

Are our freedom-fighters occupying any foreign-land
or exiling people or building apartheid-Walls ??

Why must we disarm when the war is not over yet ??

Did it it ever happen in history that the aggressed
is asked to drop down his guns , first .....?

Or  are we ,perhaps, asked simply
to surrender ??

One third of the Lebanese government is still made of
ex-Israeli-collaborators  .
The other third are Puppets of the Saudi-Royals.
The last third , are the clean-Lebanese.

The US Embassy still pays the salaries of different
security-organisations within the Army
and the Police.

Why must we disarm ??
is the war ,already, over ? ?

Give us back our Palestine......
and then come to collect all our weapons .
Even our kitchen knifes !!!

Raja Chemayel
I carry a pocket-knife !!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Wall , Oh wall !!....where is that Mirror ?
Mirrors ,show us always the truth.

The indigenous houses behind the Wall
while a brand new settlement is in front of it

The Truth hidden behind that Wall
while arrogance is parading in front of it

Human rights dumped behind that Wall
while the right of might has build it

Semites thrown over behind the Wall
while the Ashkenazim and the Slavonic's in front.

Wall oh wall !!
where is that Mirror ??

Show us ,  oh Mirror
"the ugliest of them all"

 Princess-Palestine has survived
but, among the dwarfs.

Eng. Moustafa  Roosenbloom