Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The "chosen-killer-thieves"<span id=
The problem with Moses is that he was either
a Jew from Hollywood,
an Egyptian-monotheist

When Moses was still residing in Egypt ,
he pretended that God has asked him to steal the Gold of the Pharaoh´s
which he did.........
while , God´s angel would go and to kill each first-born-Egyptian
which was done .....

At that point in time,  stealing and killing.........were both still OK !!

While travelling though the Sinai , 2 years and 3 months later,
the message changed completely and God asked his Moses ,
among 8 other things , not to steal.......... and not to kill !!

Once arrived to Palestine,3 years and 5 weeks later,
that same God who gave those 10 commandments
would have asked to the same Moses:
to steal Palestine.........and to kill the Canaanites .

Therefore ,
I wish that Moses would have stayed in the Sinai, for ever,
with his own chosen-killer-thieves .

Raja Chemayel
a theologian of the Logic

It is not unthinkable that there might have been
2 contradicting-Gods....
or otherwise , probably,  2 Moses, one was a thief
and the other was a prophet !!

That is why,  let us all wait , until the real
and the original Bible-text, is found !!
in the meantime , send back all the Israelites to Egypt ,
or to Babylon !!!...if not to Kiev and Warshaw.....

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