Thursday, January 14, 2010

The indigenous Olive-trees


 An Icon,for a symbol, of a tragedy.

What is wrong with olive trees ?
Why does the Israeli army cut them off ??

I wonder why olive trees are hated and banned
by this "most humane army",,,,,,, ,,,,

No army in history ,
regardless of its degree of civilisation,
has destroyed so much and so often Olive-Trees ,
as much as those grand-children- of-Attila the Hun.

Could it be that those Olive-Trees perhaps are ;
anti-Semite ?
anti- Jews?
anti- Zionist?
al Kayda in disguise ??
Hamas- members ??
Hidden-Swiss- Minarets ??
DFLP or PFLP fighters ?
Hezbollah-sympathis ers ??
or simply because those trees are indigenous ??
(while the Israelis are not !!!)

To my knowledge ,
neither  Abraham , nor Moses
nor Jesus , nor Mohammad
have ever prohibited olive-trees.
But obviously ,
the Israelis have nothing to do
with either four of them .

Beside that ,
The Olive trees carry a lot of Olive-branches
which cannot be useful ,  for any criminal-projects.

Raja Chemayel
who never believed in Olive-branches ,
nor in any other Fairy-tales , anyhow.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

What to call the Zionists ??
The Mafia ?? 
No Sir !!   simply some Zionists from Europe

How come that the Christians of  West Europe
came up with the idea of a Crusade
to allegedly  "liberate"  Palestine  ????

How come the Christians of the East
never thought it were ever necessary ??

Who would have been more capable
of assessing the necessity to "liberate" Jerusalem ,
a Byzantine King  ??
or some ignorent-lost- backward- Kings along the Rhine
or the Seine or the Thames ??.

How come it happened that when the Crusaders
reached to the walls of Jerusalem ,
one third of Europe was still not even Christianised yet
and Jerusalem has had more churches in it ,
than Barcelona or Warshaw  ????

What allowed to the Crusaders to wear any Cross ??
and what allowed
to the Zionist to use the Star of David ??

How come when ,
Polish-Russian- Hungarian- Romanian- Ukrainian- European- Jews
decided to organise Zionism into an ideology-of- colonial- power
the Arab-Jews of  Damascus,Cairo, Baghdad,Beirut, Aleppo,Casablanc a,
Sanaa,Alexandria ,Tehran and Tunis never  though that it were necessary
to create a State of Israel , on the tomb of  Palestine ????

We all agree, today ,that the Crusaders were nothing but
adventurers- robbers seeking the silk,the spices and the treasures
of the Orient...... ...
so let us also ,finally , agree on what to call the Zionists ?? !!

Robbers misusing a Religion ??

Raja Chemayel