Saturday, October 22, 2011

For those who are still asking how did Qaddafi die ???
this shows clearly a bullet hole 
on the left upper side....
no further comments !
you make your own conclusion.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The value of our "Terrorists"
He looks like Dracula´s younger brother
who has just had a fresh hair-cut
(and his front-teeth removed)

" One Israeli soldier is worth 1027 Terrorists."
Which means that either the negative values of this one soldier
or the positive values...are equal to the values of all those 1027 Terrorists.

On the other hand ,or on the other side, of that equation

our terrorists are:
one thousand times less criminal, than an average-Israeli-soldier,
or one thousand times less guilty
or one thousand times less harmful

Each equation has two sides
each comparison has two sides
each exchange must have also two (equal) sides

Indeed ,
to defend an oppressor is one thousand times worse than to defend the oppressed.

Do not think that for once, that the Israelis do not know how to count (after-all the Israelis are originaly Jews !!!!)

Sherlock Hommos

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What lessons do we learn from today´s prisoners exchange ??
The Liberator !!!

What lessons do we learn from today´s prisoners swap  ??

at least four lessons :

The first,
 is that we should take another half a dozen Israeli soldiers as new-prisoners and later exchange them for the rest of our political-prisoners in Israel´s hands.
( no other method worked,so far)

The second,
Israel still insists that all those swapped prisoners 

were all  "terrorists"    therefore , we ought to accuse
Israel in the International Criminal Court ,
for releasing terrorists back into the normal life,
 (thus, the crime of "assisting to terrorism".)

The third ,
Gilat Shalit´s mother is worth 1027 Palestinian-mothers.
Because humanity, also, has "double-standards" !!
(sometimes extreme-double-standards )

Israeli parents can now send again their children
to besiege us and to bomb us ,without hesitations ,
because Nathaniahu always brings them back home
(home to a home which is not theirs.....)

Raja Chemayel

on a happier day !!

NB :
Remember please that it is Syria  that is behind Hamas  !!
Not Jordan nor Egypt nor Qatar nor Saudia nor Kuwait