Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What lessons do we learn from today´s prisoners exchange ??

The Liberator !!!

What lessons do we learn from today´s prisoners swap  ??

at least four lessons :

The first,
 is that we should take another half a dozen Israeli soldiers as new-prisoners and later exchange them for the rest of our political-prisoners in Israel´s hands.
( no other method worked,so far)

The second,
Israel still insists that all those swapped prisoners 

were all  "terrorists"    therefore , we ought to accuse
Israel in the International Criminal Court ,
for releasing terrorists back into the normal life,
 (thus, the crime of "assisting to terrorism".)

The third ,
Gilat Shalit´s mother is worth 1027 Palestinian-mothers.
Because humanity, also, has "double-standards" !!
(sometimes extreme-double-standards )

Israeli parents can now send again their children
to besiege us and to bomb us ,without hesitations ,
because Nathaniahu always brings them back home
(home to a home which is not theirs.....)

Raja Chemayel

on a happier day !!

NB :
Remember please that it is Syria  that is behind Hamas  !!
Not Jordan nor Egypt nor Qatar nor Saudia nor Kuwait

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