Saturday, October 15, 2011

The value of any prisoner 
More than one thousand pictures of this soldiers ,
but none showed him carrying his army-weapons....
why ???
The value of a prisoner,
is measured by the danger or the damages
that this prisoner has done , or can do.

When a prisoner´s swap is done ,
we assume that each part of that exchange
must be equal in order to have both parties agreeing
and both satisfied too.

When one Israeli soldier is swapped for 1023 Palestinians ,
 I assume ,or  I conclude,  that the danger or the guilt 

(or the damages)  of each part of that deal,  would be also equal.

The guilt of that Israeli soldier was :
1- being an active citizen of an apartheid+oppressive+colonialist state
2- occupying a stolen land (while even having a double nationality)
3- member of the army of an occupier and a besieging force

What was the guilt of the other 1023 prisoners  ??
if and when we cannot find any "guilt" for them,
then we have to assume and declare them as HOSTAGES , only.

Bearing in mind that 90% of those 1023  " prisoners "
where not even charged, nor did they face any judge,
let alone meeting with any lawyer.


One Israeli soldier is being swapped 

for 1023 Palestinian-Hostages !!

Raja Chemayel
a hostage to the Truth


Anonymous said...

Welcome back!
You and your astute observations were sorely missed

Anonymous said...

I was away for a while because I lost my password