Tuesday, October 11, 2011

And so they called it " Spring"

America´s favorit game......

The Arab spring ,so far.

In Tunisia :
(Ben)Ali Baba has left ,
leaving behind him his 40 thieves

In Egypt :
The leader of the Junta
is now in a hospital-bed
but his Junta remained.

In Yemen :
The Tyrant took refuge in the Tyrant´s-paradise
while his people are still besieged

In Libya :
the NATO bombed to free all the way 
for a greedy bunch of headless-aimless-rebels
while Qaddafi has still to re-liberate his country , 
for the second time in 40 years.

In Syria :
all unsatisfied-citizens and the Wahhabi-mercenaries
joined forces to claim an illusion of  a democracy 
they have never ever seen before,
(nor did the Wahhabi´s masters)

The Spring I missed
would be the Palestinian-spring
in which the PA and the PLO
would be dumped and recycled.....!!

In the meantime,
Turkey is "stealing the show"  from Iran
the only-active-armed-forces of resistance
(Hamas + Hezbollah)
are being asked to disarm....

Raja Chemayel
suffering from  a "Spring-allergy"

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