Friday, June 11, 2010

International appeal to all Dock-Workers

working in the harbours worldwide
are asked to boycott serving
the Israeli-vessels,
and/or not to load
any vessels bound to Israel.
until and unless
the Gaza-siege is lifted !!
Raja Chemayel

" For research only "
The Whale-fishers
are not allowed  to pursue their fishing ,
unless it is meant
for research purposes.... ....only !!

Therefore ,
the fishers are now killing those same whales ,
 but, under the pretext of "research".

Consequently the same ships and the same fishers ,
added the word "research"
on their vessels.

Pragmatism or hypocrisy ??
you tell me !!! please.

at the same time but  elsewhere
the Zionist state ,which is not allowed
to steal new-territories
nor to annex cities and places
nor to build apartheid-walls anywhere
nor to shoot on civilians
nor to expel the indigenous populations

does not call it " research"
but rather :
"war on terrorism"
 "the right to defend itself"

Like those defenceless Whales,
the Palestinians are the victims
of a global-hypocrisy.

Sherlock Hommos
discrediting the Zionism....just for research purposes !

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Amir el Mo'meneen
I am not a Muslim
but those who read my writings could find out
how close I am to Islam.
Historically ,
my people have lived under Islam
since the seventh-century
and we managed together very well.
We have even fought against the Crusaders
in the eleventh-century , even though were were Christians.
The Christian-Arabs , we are !!!
Today ,
I take the liberty to request from my Muslim-brothers
to appoint Rejab Ordogan , the Turkish Prime Minister,
as being : "Amir el Mo'meneen "
(The prince of the Faithful)
This title was given the the best leader among the Muslim nation(s)
to be the chosen-commander- in-chief.
Being an Arab-Christian- Lebanese , it was always so
that the "Amir el No'meneen" was also my leader , as well.
And that started since the dawn of Islam , (651)
until 1920 when France took over my Lebanon .
Thus,  I have no problem having a non-Arab-leader
as long as he would be a justice-for Arabs
Many of our other Arab-leaders ,
are Arabs not not pro-Arab !!!
Those Arab leaders are pro-own-dynasty
and pro-own-interests. .....
Give me Ordogan , or Ahmadinejad. ...
and keep the rest !!!
The Amir el No'meneen does not have to be an Arab
as long as he would be a good Muslim.
How many Arab-leaders are worthless and useless !!
Hugo Chavez alone ,
would be worth more than half of my 21 Arab leaders !!
No Sir !!
Islam is not a race !!
Islam is not a Nationality  !!
therefore a Good-Muslim. ......... .is worth a thousand bad-Arabs !!
Raja Chemayel
a christian in Islam