Friday, June 11, 2010

" For research only "
The Whale-fishers
are not allowed  to pursue their fishing ,
unless it is meant
for research purposes.... ....only !!

Therefore ,
the fishers are now killing those same whales ,
 but, under the pretext of "research".

Consequently the same ships and the same fishers ,
added the word "research"
on their vessels.

Pragmatism or hypocrisy ??
you tell me !!! please.

at the same time but  elsewhere
the Zionist state ,which is not allowed
to steal new-territories
nor to annex cities and places
nor to build apartheid-walls anywhere
nor to shoot on civilians
nor to expel the indigenous populations

does not call it " research"
but rather :
"war on terrorism"
 "the right to defend itself"

Like those defenceless Whales,
the Palestinians are the victims
of a global-hypocrisy.

Sherlock Hommos
discrediting the Zionism....just for research purposes !

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