Sunday, June 6, 2010

Amir el Mo'meneen
I am not a Muslim
but those who read my writings could find out
how close I am to Islam.
Historically ,
my people have lived under Islam
since the seventh-century
and we managed together very well.
We have even fought against the Crusaders
in the eleventh-century , even though were were Christians.
The Christian-Arabs , we are !!!
Today ,
I take the liberty to request from my Muslim-brothers
to appoint Rejab Ordogan , the Turkish Prime Minister,
as being : "Amir el Mo'meneen "
(The prince of the Faithful)
This title was given the the best leader among the Muslim nation(s)
to be the chosen-commander- in-chief.
Being an Arab-Christian- Lebanese , it was always so
that the "Amir el No'meneen" was also my leader , as well.
And that started since the dawn of Islam , (651)
until 1920 when France took over my Lebanon .
Thus,  I have no problem having a non-Arab-leader
as long as he would be a justice-for Arabs
Many of our other Arab-leaders ,
are Arabs not not pro-Arab !!!
Those Arab leaders are pro-own-dynasty
and pro-own-interests. .....
Give me Ordogan , or Ahmadinejad. ...
and keep the rest !!!
The Amir el No'meneen does not have to be an Arab
as long as he would be a good Muslim.
How many Arab-leaders are worthless and useless !!
Hugo Chavez alone ,
would be worth more than half of my 21 Arab leaders !!
No Sir !!
Islam is not a race !!
Islam is not a Nationality  !!
therefore a Good-Muslim. ......... .is worth a thousand bad-Arabs !!
Raja Chemayel
a christian in Islam

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