Wednesday, June 2, 2010

For whom is the Charta of the NATO ???

"is to protect the values of Liberty "

The NATO alliance is actually and practically  :
a defence-pact between its members

to say it.......... .... very shortly.

Turkey being a member...... ........ and Israel is not .

When the Israeli soldiers attacked the Turkish-registered- vessel
it amounted to an attack on Turkey itself  ,
by a non-NATO-country.

Let us now see  , what NATO shall do ???

I remember recently ,
when "Afghanistan" allegedly attacked New-York (September 11Th. 2001)
this arguments was used to drag Holland-Belgium, Canada,France, Italy and Spain
into invading Afghanistan , under the umbrella and the charta of the NATO.

Unless ,
there is a NATO , for some
and another NATO........ .for  the others
those same countries must now defend Turkey
and eventually invade and punish Israel.

Sherlock Hommos
International- Law-promoter

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