Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hateful + unfortunate + regretful

somebody must say it !!
President Ahmadinejad has accused the US Government
of planning and executing the 911 disaster ,
for to give a pretext  for their imperialistic
and aggressive politics.
President Barrack Obama in a recent interview,
called those accusations as :
"hateful" + "unfortunate" + "regretful" .....unquote
I agree , completely ,with President Obama,
it was ,indeed, hateful,unfortunate and regretful,
because G.W. Bush should not have  done it !!
Raja Chemayel
brother in law of Sherlock Hommos
and cousin of Moustafa Roosenbloom

Friday, September 24, 2010

As per today

  the only compliment to Obama...
As per today, the Israeli settlement's building
in the occupied lands , shall restart.
Who is going to stop their expansion ??
Husny  Mubarak ??
King  Abddullah ??
Mickey Mouse ??
Madonna ??
Mahmoud  Abbas ??
International-Law ??
Hilary  Clinton ??
or, inevitably ,
the next
suicide-bombers ??  !!
Raja  Chemayel

Thursday, September 23, 2010

When neutralism becomes a crime.

Carter , is he neutral ??
if you a neutral-person
when it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian-conflict
then ,please tell me :
Who  has an army and who does not ?
Who is occupying and who is the occupied ??
Who came from Europe and who was born there since 2000 years ??
Who is stealing the land and 83% the waters ??Who expanded his (legal) territories by 550% and his expansion is on-going ??
Who never respected none of the United-Nations resolutions  ??
Who is emprisoning 10.000 citizens of the other side ??
Who is allowing new-emmigrants into their state , while forbiding
the indiginious-refugees of the other side to return home ???

Must I go on ???

Who has nuclear power stations while the other hardly have
garbage-collector-truck-repair-shop  ??

Are you still neutral ??

Who is producing and selling weapons worldwide
while receiving thechnical and military aid from the USA  ???

Are you "neutral"
or simply criminaly-ignorant ??

Raja Chemayel