Thursday, September 23, 2010

When neutralism becomes a crime.

Carter , is he neutral ??
if you a neutral-person
when it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian-conflict
then ,please tell me :
Who  has an army and who does not ?
Who is occupying and who is the occupied ??
Who came from Europe and who was born there since 2000 years ??
Who is stealing the land and 83% the waters ??Who expanded his (legal) territories by 550% and his expansion is on-going ??
Who never respected none of the United-Nations resolutions  ??
Who is emprisoning 10.000 citizens of the other side ??
Who is allowing new-emmigrants into their state , while forbiding
the indiginious-refugees of the other side to return home ???

Must I go on ???

Who has nuclear power stations while the other hardly have
garbage-collector-truck-repair-shop  ??

Are you still neutral ??

Who is producing and selling weapons worldwide
while receiving thechnical and military aid from the USA  ???

Are you "neutral"
or simply criminaly-ignorant ??

Raja Chemayel

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