Saturday, January 8, 2011

The civil-disobediance-act by the Chief Police of Amsterdam

my Dutch Hero !!
The chief-of-the-Police in Amsterdam
has declared ,in a television interview,
that he shall not arrest any woman wearing a Burqa.
In fact a new law might come out banning
women (or men) to wear the Burqa
in the Netherlands.
The Chief has said it in a friendly-tone
like : "I have more important things to attend to"
The Media has blown up this remark
as if it were a "Civil-disobedience-act"
done by a Police Chief .
People could phone in and give their opinions
whether is act would be acceptable or undemocratic.
I tried to phone , from out of my car ,
but I was not lucky to get into the program.
Nevertheless , I would like to give my opinion,
via the Net .
I say :
If and when the police of Nazi-Germany
would have refused to execute inhumane laws
we would have not had the Holocaust , at all.
Therefore I support any official or any person
who would let only God be the judge 
and not corruptible-politicians
(led by Mr. Geert Wilders )
Raja Chemayel
I am anti-Burqa ( specially for pretty women)

Friday, January 7, 2011

The clash of civilisations ??..........or the clash of identities ??
Which lady is the Jew-Arab-lady 
from Yemen  ??

If and when
the " Clash of civilisations" shall take place,
on whose side shall the Israelis stand ??
East or West ??

If the Israeli-citizens were to be the "chosen-people"
then they ought to stand with the Eastern-civilisation-culture.

But apparently,
Israel is " the spear-head of the Western-civilisations,"
therefore the Israelis ought to be ,consequently, with the West.

The State of Israel is the product of the West,
culturally , politically  and genetically.

Which makes Israel an integral-part of Europe
which was artificially planted in the Near East.

Thus , the myth of being the "Chosen-people"
would become a contradiction to the facts,
a case of a stolen identity.

If and when the modern-time-Israelis were to be
those once " Chosen-people" , they would be the first
to promote and to defend Eastern-culture and the Eastern-values !!
which was never the case, by far  .

I leave the final conclusion to you ,
I have made mine long time ago
when I saw the blue-eyes of the Israelis
when I heard the russian-music they played...
Israel is a replica of South-Africa
on the west-side of the Jordan !
The white-South-Africans did not become black
nor did the Israelis become Semites !!

Raja Chemayel
a Semite

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Do not listen to Husny Mubarak

Jesus besieged ,
or Jesus protected ??
The fact that President Husny Mubarak has declared that
it were the Iraqi Al Qua'eeda who did the church-bombing
in Alexandria , is for me the total proof that it was not !!
If the Iraqi Al Qua'eeda did ever exist,
why to come 2.450 km. to Alexandria
to find innocent Christians ??? to bomb.
And secondly , the Arab-Egyptian-Christians
are not even accused of anything.........
nor are they suspected of anything,
(that would  bother Al Qua'eeda)
On the contrary , the Coptic Pope has
never accepted that peace-of-Israel-and-Egypt ( 1978)
and he has recommended to the Egyptian-Christians
not to visit Jerusalem as long as it is occupied !!
While,  Anwar el Sadat was a Muslim,
who signed that "Peace",
You do not teach to any Arab-Christian,
what is Israel......nor who is Israel !!
(even the idiot-fascists of the Lebanon
do know it , by now !!)
In one word :
The Bombing of the Alexandria's-Church
served only to try to divide the Egyptian Society .
Raja Chemayel