Saturday, January 8, 2011

The civil-disobediance-act by the Chief Police of Amsterdam

my Dutch Hero !!
The chief-of-the-Police in Amsterdam
has declared ,in a television interview,
that he shall not arrest any woman wearing a Burqa.
In fact a new law might come out banning
women (or men) to wear the Burqa
in the Netherlands.
The Chief has said it in a friendly-tone
like : "I have more important things to attend to"
The Media has blown up this remark
as if it were a "Civil-disobedience-act"
done by a Police Chief .
People could phone in and give their opinions
whether is act would be acceptable or undemocratic.
I tried to phone , from out of my car ,
but I was not lucky to get into the program.
Nevertheless , I would like to give my opinion,
via the Net .
I say :
If and when the police of Nazi-Germany
would have refused to execute inhumane laws
we would have not had the Holocaust , at all.
Therefore I support any official or any person
who would let only God be the judge 
and not corruptible-politicians
(led by Mr. Geert Wilders )
Raja Chemayel
I am anti-Burqa ( specially for pretty women)

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