Sunday, January 9, 2011

Each day.........each US-Citizen.........8 cents !!!


The USA pumps 16 Million Dollars each day  into Israel.

Which means that each Israeli gets 4 dollars, per day
and that each American pays out 8 cents each day
for The State of Zion.

I assume that those Israeli citizens of Palestinian-origin
do not profit from those US donations,
therefore,  the average per each-Jewish-Israeli
must actually be 5 dollars per day per Israeli.
( 1.825 Dollars per year per Israeli)

Otherwise , we can count that :
Israel gets 666.667 Dollars each hour of the day
which makes 1.112 Dollars per second..

Which means that by the time
you have read this message completely
Israel became 14.456 Dollars richer.

If you are a US-citizen ,
may I suggest you demand that your US-government pays
your universal- health-insurance first
and secondly it pays the public-education
and if anything is left over ,
the remaining-money would be sent to the victims of Israel.......

Sherlock Hommos

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