Thursday, February 2, 2012

I like the message , but I mistrust themessenger.

Can anyone with a clear and honest mind
explain to me why , the USA and West
would like to see the Arab-societies
becoming democratic and ruled by a democracy ??
Who said that eventual-future-democratic-Arab-societies
would embrace Zionism ??  or that they would accept
the illegal/inhumane/racist/rapist/colonial/Israel  ??
Therefore my only conclusion is that this "Arab-Spring"
is a delay-manoeuvre to offer Israel another decade
of unchallenged existence.
I like democracy,  but dislike its messengers.
Raja Chemayel

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Those Arab-observers in Syria

Those Arab Observers in Syria had ended their mission , in Syria.
Each of them has reported  ,
as his own government has wished him to do.
Therefore their reports are different ,
if not contradictory.
Should you ask me ,
then I would logically conclude that :
No Army , anywhere ,
likes to be provoked nor to be challenged ,
especially when those "agitators" are lightly armed.
Add to that fact ,
that the Main-stream-Media is exaggerating , if not even manufacturing , the news.
Raja Chemayel