Thursday, February 2, 2012

I like the message , but I mistrust themessenger.

Can anyone with a clear and honest mind
explain to me why , the USA and West
would like to see the Arab-societies
becoming democratic and ruled by a democracy ??
Who said that eventual-future-democratic-Arab-societies
would embrace Zionism ??  or that they would accept
the illegal/inhumane/racist/rapist/colonial/Israel  ??
Therefore my only conclusion is that this "Arab-Spring"
is a delay-manoeuvre to offer Israel another decade
of unchallenged existence.
I like democracy,  but dislike its messengers.
Raja Chemayel

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Anonymous said...

Funny, for the past 60 years most of our arab leaderships have traded & sold with the name of Palestine for so long and they abused the Palestinian cause like there is no tomorrow.

You must be one of those very stupid arabs that were raised to blame everything in life on america and Israel. Instead of looking at the present problems in your own country and society (OH! wait!! You cannot say or do anything that contradicts with your government or regime). Probably if your wife gave birth to an ugly kid, you would blame Israel and America..